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Siku, the Inuktitut word for sea ice connects communities across the Arctic SIKU, The Indigenous Knowledge Social Network SIKU is a mobile app and web platform created by and for Inuit providing tools for weather, ice safety and hunting stories as well as knowledge transfer and language preservation The weather is changing, the ice conditions are changing When we are driving a snowmobile or walking we have to think before we get on that ice This one is no good if you try and pass by through this,
you’ll lose your snowmobile SIKU puts indigenous knowledge and observations front and centre alongside weather and safety services including sea ice products tides, marine forecasts, and satellite imagery This lets hunters share dangerous and changing conditions with their communities using their own langauge and knowledge systems We used to get our information on 5 different websites Now with SIKU all that information is in one place also with the information from the elders and hunters SIKU includes profiles for wildlife, sea ice
and traditional places names in multiple dialects that are taggable and act as living wikis of Indigenous knowledge Using the mobile app while you’re on the land posts, such as hunting stories and GPS tracks can be recorded and uploaded to SIKU
when you are back in your community Oral history has been a bit part of the Inuit tradition nothing was written So everyone just had a good memory Now with the SIKU, we are providing new ways how the Inuit knowledge and science can work together SIKU helps you document the data that has always formed the basis for indigenous knowledge and mobilize it for use in community-based monitoring guardians programs and self-determination in
research and environmental stewardship With SIKU we get to decide how we share our knowledge SIKU is a safe space to share our hunting stories As the only social media platform
putting Indigenous rights first SIKU includes privacy settings tailored
specifically for Indigenous knowledge ensuring no one can use your data without permission You become a hunter because you
keep practicing and you follow and you let the elders take the lead You still need your harpoon to stay safe on the ice and now with SIKU, you can mobilize your knowledge connecting hunters, elders and
youth for the benefit of future generations I think Inuit clothing, the feathers that we use and traditional tools combined with technology and tools of todays modern youth, and you put them together it will be amazing Integrating indigenous ways of knowing
with a suite of modern technologies SIKU: The Indigenous Knowledge Social Network Now available for Android, iPhone and online at Brought to you by the Arctic Eider Society

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