Site Tour – This Site Provides Our People With ENDLESS Possibilities For Shopping and Entertainment

Hello, my name is Jean Serrano and
welcome to VXI MOA. VXI MOA is located in Pasay city, Philippines, the company’s
most important offshore geography with over 13,500 total employees. Pasay City
is a part of Metro Manila or the National Capital Region and has a total
population of over 12 million. We are conveniently located in the 5 Ecom
building, one of the many commercial and business establishments within the SM
Mall of Asia complex. It is along the historic Manila Bay and is only seven
kilometers from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Philippines’s
largest and busiest airport. As one of the cities within the National Capital
Region, Pasay City is home to various company headquarters and several
government offices. The city is known for its entertainment, business offices,
restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls hotel clubs and casinos making up a
large part of Metro Manila’s tourist belt. VXI MOA is located close to Edsa, Metro
Manila’s main and busiest highway connecting the cities of National
Capital Region. Public transportation are also accessible 24/7 through buses
jeepneys and taxis. Opened in 2016 VXI MOA is one of our most modern
sites with direct access to other commercial establishments of the Mall of
Asia complex including one of Asia’s largest shopping mall, offering our
employees endless possibilities for dining, shopping, and entertainment. We
recruit the best talent in the region here at the recruitment hub of VXI MOA. We receive an average of 50 applicants per day, Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 7
p.m. Our recruitment hub has a 14% success throughput yield from
application to job offer stage. Pasay City has the second best literacy rate within
all of the Philippines with 98.58% and house 14 colleges and
universities. Educated talent is abundant in the area with 687, 000 students enrolled in tertiary school programs in Metro Manila.
Most of our agents range from 25 to 30 years of age and are mostly
college-level educated. BPO skills are abundant as well with most of our local
workforce having more than one year of BPO workforce experience. Most of our
agents are recruited through direct sourcing and employee referral campaigns.
There are seven training rooms available at VXI MOA for a total of about 700 square meters of training space. Each training room can be provisioned
for double monitor setup and has the capacity for 25 training workstations.
All of our training rooms have projectors and built-in speakers for
educational purposes and can ramp up to 330 agents per month through two shifts.
These spaces can all be modified and adapted with our partners’ brands to
promote brand awareness among new hires. Break areas are an important feature of
VXI MOA as well as all other VXI sites to create a comfortable working
environment for our employees. The state-of-the-art facility houses a game
room, main cafeteria, open network internet stations, clinic, lactation rooms,
sleeping quarters and several other break areas for our agents to use. VXI MOA has
over 1,300 production workstations. The total production area spans across about
7,500 square meters of space accessible only through RFID proximity scans. Over
all, the production areas and the site comply with the strictest PCI
regulations to ensure fraud avoidance. our production area house several
huddle rooms, meeting rooms and team leader offices. Agents can work
comfortably with a centralized air conditioning system and ergonomic chairs
and we can ensure business continuity through a central backup power system
and various UPS units. Welcome to VXI MOA and we hope to see
you here soon.

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