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[MUSIC PLAYING] Students seeking help with
a presentation for any class can get the support they
need in a Speech Assistance area located in the
Learning Commons. Whether you are
in a speech class or need to prepare
a presentation for a business, geography,
or any other course, come to Writing, Reading,
Speech Assistance and take advantage of our
start-to-finish services designed to help you improve
your presentation skills. Our staff can help
at every point in the process from
selecting a topic, to developing your concept
or thesis statement, to outlining your points, to
creating support materials, such as handouts or
PowerPoint slides, all the way to offering a
place to practice and receive feedback on your presentation. Many students find
it very helpful to record their speeches
to assess their own areas for improvement. You are able to
work with a coach or just use the speech
studio on your own. These services are free and
available to all enrolled students at College of DuPage. So make use of these
resources whether you need that extra boost to
stay ahead in your classes or just need a little feedback
and a comfortable environment to practice and improve
your presentation skills. You may schedule an
appointment in person, as well as by
telephone, or online. Our phone number
is 630-942-3355. To make an appointment
online, log on to the website at
cod.mywconline.com. If this is your first
time using the scheduler, you will need to
register as a new user. Just enter your College
of DuPage email address and create a password. Once registered,
you may continue to use this login to
schedule all appointments with the Writing, Reading,
Speech Assistance area. Speech Assistance is located in
the Learning Commons, Student Resource Center, Room 2102. Finding a time that
works for you is easy. We have morning, afternoon,
evening, and weekend hours. We are open fall,
spring, and summer terms, but hours may vary
each semester. So please check the
website for details. Sessions are either in person
or online for your convenience. One of the most
popular resources available in the
Speech Assistance area is the speech studio located
in the Learning Commons with all other Writing, Reading,
Speech Assistance services. The speech studio provides
a multimedia space for individuals and groups
to rehearse and even record their presentations. Students really
appreciate the ability to practice their skills
in a safe, nonthreatening environment. Students may practice
alone or with a coach. I decided to come here because
it’s in school, and it’s free. And everybody likes that. You can’t get a tutor
for free anywhere else. They helped me write the speech. We looked at my speech in
progress, and we reviewed it. It also helped having the
speech room where I could just do it on my own, too. The studio is outfitted with
technology similar to that in COD classrooms. There is a PC, DVD player,
Ladibug document camera, and a laptop computer. There is also a
large screen display. Many students find
it incredibly helpful to record their
presentations in the studio. The Speech Assistance area has a
digital camera for student use, and files may be
transferred to a student USB drive for continued
reference after an appointment. Of course, students are welcome
to use their own recording devices. Students may also
choose to watch playback of their recorded speeches
alone or with a coach for additional feedback
on their presentation. I think everybody should come
in here, practice their speech, work with someone
on their outline. It’s really helpful. I think it’ll help students
do better in class. So I would recommend
it, definitely. Schedule an appointment to use
the speech studio in person, over the phone, or online. To make an appointment online,
access the online scheduler at cod.mywconline.com. Again, the services in
the Speech Assistant area are not just for students
enrolled in speech courses. Any enrolled COD student
seeking help with a presentation is encouraged to make use
of these free resources to improve your presentation,
your grade, and the skills that will last a lifetime. Stop by the Speech Assistance
area in the Learning Commons , and see how the speech studio
and our coaches can help you succeed. Getting help from a
Speech Assistance coach is now only as far
away as your laptop. While there are
times you may want to practice your presentation
or discuss your assignment with a coach in
person, there may be other times when it is simply
more convenient to receive assistance without coming
into the Learning Commons for a traditional
face-to-face appointment. Now you may work with
a coach from home, or wherever you may be,
with an online appointment. All you need is a computer
with internet access and a microphone. A webcam is also helpful
since our online appointments do support video as well. There is no specialty software
to download to your computer. With an online
appointment, you can still get all the assistance
you need, from selecting a topic, to working
on an outline, to editing PowerPoint
slides, even rehearsing your presentation. Communication between
a student and a coach is bundled in an
easy-to-use web application. Making an online
appointment is simple. Log on to the website
at cod.mywconline.com. When the scheduling
page appears, look for a coach with 30
to 45 minutes available. The white squares
indicate available times. Select a time slot, then
select Yes, Meet Online. In the window below, there are
spaces to provide some details about your assignment. Please complete the
rest of the form with the course,
instructor, and be sure to include a brief
description of what you hope to accomplish
during the appointment. With the tools available
in the software, you can accomplish
virtually anything you would do in a
face-to-face appointment. Once you have made
the appointment, you will receive an email with
detailed instructions of how to log on for the appointment. On the day of the
appointment you will receive an email
reminder of the appointment. Be sure to have your
documents available to review with the coach. Once you have
joined the session, the space in the
middle of the screen is called the whiteboard. Documents uploaded
for shared viewing display here and can
be edited in real time. There are a number of tools
for productive collaboration in the whiteboard space. Edited documents can
be exported and saved. The panel on the left
is where video boxes appear for you and your coach
if you are using a camera. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] You made some really strong
body points in your speech. And your intro attention-getter
is really strong– Thank you. [END PLAYBACK] The panel on the right side of
the screen is the chat area. The Writing, Reading,
Speech Assistance online appointments
are available to all currently enrolled
College of DuPage students at no additional charge. Remember the Writing,
Reading, Speech Assistance area in the Learning Commons
is a valuable resource for your academic success. [MUSIC PLAYING] The speech center
helped me by allowing me to practice my speech. They helped me with my outline. They did a whole bunch. They’re really
helpful, and I was able to do much better
on my speech in class. Instead of practicing
it on my own, I was able to do it here first. Speech was– it’s
not natural for me. I would always stutter, like
um, and do all those things. And I didn’t even know how to
start my speech or write it. So there’s actually a sheet
that they give you here when you put your name in. And with your coach, the
person that’s helping you, you mention what you want
to work on with them. If you started the speech,
you can just come in, and hey, can you just read this? Or you can start blank, and
they’ll help you in every way. I think everybody does. But I came in. It helped me calm down. I actually came in right
before I gave my speech, so I didn’t have much time
to fix a lot of things. But I was able to just give the
speech, get it all out there. And then come back
into my classroom, and do it better
than I did it here. Here and there, you
always have things that you want to work
on, you want to enhance. Everybody does, whether it’d
be just the mere fact of just getting up in front of
people and speaking, to the whole process of,
like, the little details, like where to walk, and how to
time things that you’re saying. So I think I was more on the end
of enhancing things and working on it. But I can imagine
it would be great if you were starting out– no
experience at public speaking. Coming here, it
would be fantastic. I would definitely recommend
it to another student. It is really important for
students to come in here, work with someone
on their outline, video record themselves, help to
be better speakers in general. I would definitely highly
recommend the speech room. Why? Because it’s so good for you. And it’s free. And it really helps you. And you need it, it’s
right there for you. Just get out of your class,
and just come here for help. And they’ll be more
than happy to help you, and you’ll get
really good results.

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