Squash Serve Returns : Squash Serve Returns: Down Wall Backhand Off Lob

Gary has a pretty good serve return down the
wall, so I’m going to try to fox him here and hit a lob serve. Because when the ball
comes off a lob, it’s going to be very steep, so he’s not able to hit it as powerfully or
as accurately if I execute my lob serve well. So since I’m on my forehand side, this is
the best side I have to hit a lob serve, and the backhand is generally each player’s weakest
shot. So I’m going to give Gary a good lob serve I hope, and see what he can do with
them. Okay, that’s pretty good. That’s pretty good. So I’ve got to get a better return,
I’ve got to get a better serve than that. Now that one, that one’s pretty tough. So
that one forced a reasonably loose return, which is what I want. Now that serve was no
good, but its return was pretty tough. Okay, so you can see the lob serve takes a lot of
practice. So when you’re an up and coming squash player, a lot of the older guys have
these great lob serves and they can frustrate the up and coming player. So work on your
lob serve return with a practice partner so you’ll get to work on your serve and the return
and it will really help you in the long run.

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