Sr. Madeline Scholarship Fund Announcement

I became a teacher first of all because
my dad was a teacher, it’s in the family all my brothers and sisters are teachers,
and I’m a sister of St. Clare, so naturally I would be very into Catholic
education! I was brought up a Catholic, I have great love for my traditions and my
roots, I’m very happy that I had that opportunity as a child to develop my
love for the Lord and I would love to pass it on to the children. I hope
everybody will hear this message and I hope everybody will do the best to
contribute whatever they can – nothing is too little or too big to give
to this fund because it’s a fund that would be forever! This is an education
for life for a child … I think is a great gift. The sisters of St. Clare started the school. My name is not just for me it’s representing the sisters
of St. Clare, and the sisters I think would be very happy, and we’re always
praying that the schools that we established here in California – five of
them, there are five schools that we established here in California – and
that’s our legacy. When we’re all gone and gone home to God, that will be our
legacy… I hope and pray that they will continue.
We started this school so I my whole heart is in this school, and that I know for
sure – for a fact – that the education in tis school was unbelievable it was and
you could always tell and even the teachers from the public school told me
then they always knew what the kids from St. Francis because they were way ahead
of the other children. The fund, it’s very, very important because it’s an
opportunity for children who would not have an opportunity to be educated,
especially educated in a Catholic school where they have very good, high
standards. To know who God is for them, to me, that’s the best foundation a child
can have because it gives them security, gives them a good foundation, and it
gives them a sense of dignity, I think, it gives them a sense of self, who they are
in the eyes of God a child of God. One of our past pupils came back not so long
ago and he looked down at the school and he said, oh what wonderful memories! So
that did my heart good just to hear that. I would hope and pray that everybody
will open their hearts to give whatever they can and to be as generous as they
can because to me this is a wonderful opportunity to give. To me, giving to the
life of a child is the best gift that you can ever give a child – a good Catholic
education. I’m hoping our people will open up their hearts and their purse to give generously to this wonderful project, and I know that the
school will continue because God is watching over us.
And, I know the sisters of St. Clare are always praying for us, and we have
wonderful teachers, and a great education! The school looks so beautiful with the
different colors and you know the children are out there they’re so happy
playing and you know it just does your heart good just to see that. So I hope and pray
that all the people here at St. Francis and maybe your relatives and friends – and maybe our past pupils! They’re the ones that I hope will be generous and giving
to us. So if you’re out there I’d love you to come forward and give generously
from your heart to St. Francis School. Thank you and god bless all of you.

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