no one is more bless than you are I declare and decree that God shall open the window of heaven and pour you out blessings that there won't be room enough to receive backward never forward forever there's nothing the devil can do about it I am going forward forever that means your life is about to go to another level that means your life is about to completely break the rules the blast ceilings the glass ceilings God is about to do something awesome in your life because down inside of you there's something far greater than what you see on the outside the fact that you're frustrated by mediocrity is a sign that you are operating beneath your potential the fact that you look at what other people are satisfied to live in and walk in and yet yet you're frustrated with it is a sign that you are a special person upon whom God's hand is here but I came to tell you God is ready to sharpen your weapons he's ready to give you a new strategy he's ready to give you new power and this is what you have to tell the devil you gotta tell them devil you don't run me fresh you don't run me I find you in the name of Jesus you've got to know that the Word of God is available unto you you are a believer can I tell you something else you're more than a conqueror you are a champion you are a winner you are the head and not the tail you are not beneath your hands up less your feet up less your left in the city you're less in the field God is walking with you I am blessed and they say it till your bones here and say it again we are blessed no one is more blessed than you if you are in Christ you are not the exception – you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing not many of them not some of them you have been blessed by God with every spiritual blessing your enemies should never be on your level x2 and 35-day makes the enemies my footstool I only need my enemies when I'm getting ready to go to the next level because a footstool is a take you to the next level God is about to set you up for some things that have been Oh hold this is your year this is your season to go in the enemy's territory and take back everything that balloon I came here to challenge somebody to go get it I came to encourage someone to go get it I came to get on your nerves until you go get it I came to encourage you to go get it this is an authoritative order from Christ Jesus our Lord he's saying stop playing and go get it whatever yo it is go get it you've been waiting long enough God has heard your prayers God has saved your tears he's been felled by your infirmities and he sent me here whores to tell you go get it go get it go get it go get it the situation in my life was looking completely opposite of what the purpose and the promises of God were in my life and when that happens you have to look at your predicament and you have to declare to your predicament you are a liar you are lying on me that's not who I am that's not how I'm gonna live my life I have some promises in my life will not be broke I will not be a quitter I will not be a failure I am chosen by God and you spirit of give up are a liar who have to declare fear you are a liar I refuse to stop moving because I ran into the hurdle of fear fear you are a liar poverty you are a liar yet you are a liar low self-esteem you are a liar every voice that has told me you'll be nothing you'll never have anything you'll never do anything you got to call that voice out and tell that voice you are a liar I came to tell you and still we rise we're rising out of all question we're rising out of depression we're rising out of the attack we're rising out of the assault and still we rise above we struggle sometimes sometimes life gets harder but i'ma tell you suffering breeds about character and character brings about strength with God all things are possible if you can just maintain your belief in the greater one that God can do the impossible this is a new season for both you and for your household I encourage you to get ready to conquer the impossible I encourage you to speak faith for the impossible the impossible is about to come your level of faith I encourage you to hold on to your level of faith in spite of what you're going through in spite of what you know or in spite of what you see the truth is that Jesus will never disappoint us I want to speak about the fact that's the miracle and the miracles are in your hand there are in your hand but we need God we need God like we have never needed God well let me say this number one God is righteous and God is just number two there is no other way to heaven apart from Jesus Christ I hope you understand that Jesus Christ said in John chapter fourteen verse six I am the way the truth and the life I listen to this and no man cometh unto the father but by me it's not evidence that God is still reigning and that God is still ruling over the universe God is still working behind the scenes moving toward creation toward a goal that he intends Providence isn't the idea of the continuous activity of God God is still presiding over the affairs of history and presiding over the affairs of my life I know that God is taking me to an expected end somebody ought to stop right here give God some praise that while you can't see God's hand you can trust his heart Providence is the denial of the idea that the world of my life is governed strictly by chance or fate Providence is my assurance that God is still present and active in human affairs and that God will intervene in because you can press the rewind button and someone you can look back over your life and the only way you can explain it is that it was a blood god moment when you look back over your life and you think things over that all of your good days and well your bad days every time that voice whispers in your ear and tells you you will never succeed at this tell that voice you are a liar never allowed that voice to have the last word in your life when that voice says you'll never get through this telling you are a liar when that boy says you gonna lose your mind say you're a liar when that voice says you'll die like your momma did that voice is alive tell somebody talk back talk back this is one time you gotta talk back depression you're a liar sickness you're a liar failure you're a liar despair you are a liar discouragement you're a liar to cease you're a liar that voice that says you can't take it you are a liar that voice that says you can't make it you are a liar the voice that says you are not good enough you are a liar tell somebody call it out let God be true and every bad me sometimes you gotta hear it and not believe it sometimes you gotta hear it and ignore it sometimes you gotta see it and keep moving toward it in the name of Jesus because I can Joe all things through so you have to board every line see who that's the lessee abortion you need to have abort every lying seed that's attached itself to the womb of your spirit to the womb of your purpose some of you have a womb of great destiny but ever you hear those lying voices because somebody planted a seed in your life you have to attack tell that scene I abort you I abort every thought of you I abort every memory I abort your voice the voice that said you can't do it you can't be it you won't have it and you'll never live to see it the devil is a liar so here we find in first Kings chapter number 3 God was seeking a man he was asking in question searching the soul as the search light looks into the heart do you know what's in your heart do you really know what do you really know what's in your heart I'm not talking about I'm not talking about what you watch on TV I'm not talking about what you read do what's in your heart sometimes cards a good merciful gracious God and he allows us to open up our heart and begin to see what was the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it well I thank dr. day that he can reach down where I can't he can put a light where I can't he can search my soul like I cannot if you want to walk with him and talk with him and serve him and live for this table that I'm talking about this eternal Almighty being that doesn't play games that you won't fool you won't put an act on for him it is one that can read your soul then my friend if you really are concerned about an addict about a relationship with him then get ready he'll open you up like you wouldn't believe and it is that that he opens up then he talks to realize that your life is not a dollar bill in your wallet your life is not the food on your table and it's not the clothes on your back your life consisteth not in the abundance all the things that you possess your life is a mysterious thing it is a spiritual thing it is a deep thing it is something that goes further than you can see deeper than you can understand and greater than you can comprehend the life that God gives you is a marvelous thing but most people keep it wrapped up in possessions they keep it wrapped up in their own experiences they keep it wrapped up in what people tell them they bury it out in the backyard they do everything they can to hide the effect and the light and the voice and the soul and the mind of the life that God put in you when he's saying I canceled the assignment of you being like everybody else thou are fearfully and wonderfully made whatever God has given you you better work it because God has chosen you how long will you mourn over what God is not using get up and comb your hair get up and wash your face because there is about to be a fresh anointing whatever that person of that thing was it's time has expired and God said get up because behold I will do a new thing [Applause]

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