Sunday Energy Reading with Cards 10-27-19

hello and welcome to Sunday’s energy
reading I’m gonna pull some cards today from a deck that I don’t know the name
of. This is the back of the cards, they’re beautiful… I love trees, trees are my
friends and my very good friend and card reader
Melissa gave me these… I don’t even know how long it’s been but they speak to me
and so I’m gonna read the message for facilitating a healing and growth that
is wanting to be heard in the collective consciousness. So this is for individual
and collective growth and healing and what needs to be heard is… we’re gonna
start with, I pulled three cards so this is the past, this is five of wands. I’ll let you look at that for a second. Hopefully my card is focusing… there you
go. What we can see in the five of Wands is it kind of looks like the five
trees, which are the wands, are…it looks like they’re fighting, it looks like
they’re in some sort of conflict and this conflict is representing what is going on inside you from the past. This
is your past pain ,your past wounds and beliefs and everything…. and it’s all
under the surface and it’s coming together and it’s causing conflict
inside you. It doesn’t make for much growth, I’m not seeing growth in this
image. I’m seeing limitations and feeling constricted, so this is what is present
within your shadow self – your dark places. What you have been carrying around
unconsciously within you, memories and emotionally charged wounds and pain and
what you believe to be true about yourself and the world… and it’s causing
such turmoil it’s causing it to hold you back from where you want to go. And the
next card is the eight of cups… and you can see that there’s some bits that look
like they’re moving towards the light and then there are some bits that are
still in the dark… that’s what I see. I see that the moon is very much affected
and I think that’s literal, that the new moon entering Scorpio on Monday tomorrow –
it’s a Scorpio season in general, but the the new moon entering Scorpio even
stronger… pulling at what’s lying in the dark shadows under the surface *drops card*…
pardon me, all of these old stories and old wounds that are wanting to be
acknowledged. It’s the rising of awareness of what has happened to you
and what story is still creating your reality and what’s still holding you
back from growth… and new growth, new opportunities,and new
potential… and so what I see in this card is the message to acknowledge what’s in
the dark places. just staying within the illuminated bits is not going to allow
you to blossom and grow and move toward whatever outcome it is, whatever new
potential lies in your growth and your healing and your balancing …and you can
see that with 8 cups a lot of its emotionally charged …and there’s so much
potential behind this, it just wants you to notice it.
That’s what Scorpio season and the Scorpio moon is trying to tell you right
now: that whatever is uncomfortable;, whatever past pain, conflict, or story is
rising up into your awareness; whatever patterns are still playing out; whatever
conflict rises up during this time it’s doing so for you to notice it and the
cups are. they’re probably filled with so many emotions that we’re not
comfortable with: pain, disappointment, loss, grief, sadness, shame, lack of worth…
whatever’s in there, it makes you feel like it’s not gonna be
easy, like it’s not gonna… like if you acknowledge it, you’re afraid you’re
going to go backwards… but in reality, if you acknowledge what lies in the dark
places you are going to move forward. It’s going to illuminate the path ahead
when you illuminate the shadows within. Avoidance maybe very strong right now
when I look at this card that’s what I see; being compelled to avoid
discomfort… but it’s more comfortable and more familiar to just keep it’s tucked
away in the dark places – but that’s not where the potential lies –
and you have so much potential on the horizon. We’re closing out one chapter
and beginning a new one – all of us [individually] and collectively. Let’s see, the last card is
what’s coming… this is the Knight of Wands… this is our future card in my three card
spread. This is indicating growth and a new path, a new beginning, starting over
potential…with passion, enthusiasm – you know, something to run towards, something that
you want to run to. Balance: the balance between the earth and the sky
stands out to me. There’s adventures and dreams that lie ahead and you
are on that path. Everything that came … from your past, everything that
that’s happened to you, everything you’ve experienced… has played a role in
creating this future outcome, this future outcome the action that you take now
which…oops that’s the wrong card… which is this one- that’s the action that you
take now. You acknowledge, you embrace everything – even those shadows, even the
darkest parts, even the pain – you don’t have to wear it and you don’t have to
carry it… but when it rises it just wants you to acknowledge it so it can
be released and let go and by doing so create this potential for you. Once
everything is fully in the light, all of the shadow bits come into the light, then
there’s nothing that you can’t do… there’s nothing outside of your reach,
outside of the potential for you to make it happen…
and step into it with courage, passion, determination, confidence. Because once
everything is in the light, there’s nothing to hide – there’s nothing holding
you back! So that is today’s reading… I’m gonna put
a picture of the three cards together in the comments for you so you can see
them and I actually while I was doing this I couldn’t *not* pull another card. I
pulled an Oracle card and this is like a follow-up message: the horse wants you to know that you don’t have to go through this alone.
Whatever journey, whatever whatever you’re facing, whatever you have faced [in your past]… there are people out there that will
help you… you can take their assistance, you can take their offers for
help or you can ask for it… and it’s okay, and someone out there can help you along –
they can even carry you if you need it. So that’s the message for today and I
hope that resonates with you and provides comfort, growth, healing, and
balance in whatever way you need it… and for all of us, collectively. It was good
to read for you today and I will see you next Sunday… until then have a great

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