Support from the Angels

You were born with the God-given right
to reach out to angels whenever you need them angels have been helping us for
thousands of years, they have the ability to be there for us through trials of
illness, struggle and despair throughout the ages fortunate people have
experienced miracles and blessings from the angels, yet so many others feel that
all their efforts to reach out to the angels have gone unanswered have there been times in your life when
you felt alone, like no one was listening do you feel pressure to make decisions
without help, do you feel like you have to call the shots on your own, do you ever
feel empty, abandoned, unheard I’m here to tell you the angels are
there, a group I call the essential angels they surround you they hear you and they see you, for your
entire life they’ve witnessed your hardships and they want to help you more, they want to help you make the right decisions, they want to help you find the
right partner, financial support and a true home, the angels want to buoy and
nurture you, to intervene in confrontations and help alleviate stress they want to help you heal and connect
to your destiny, the secret is you know how to access the angels, it’s the secret
that those fortunate ones have used throughout the millennia to receive angelic blessings from the heavens it takes your true permission and consent to receive help from the angels, the
first step is you have to have faith visualize faith as a golden rope, a lifeline trailing down from the sky, now grab onto it and pull imagine you’re ringing a bell in the heavens above, the essential angels will hear and they’ll be waiting to attend to
your needs as soon as you discover the secrets of how to truly reach them

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