Tambero app helps farmers increase production

[MUSIC] Farming is very labor intensive. It’s a complex process. Small farmers in
developing countries still work like 2,000 years ago. This kind of farming is why
they’re underproducing. We need to help poor farmers in
developing countries to increase their production to reduce
the feeding problems of the world.>>For instance, in Honduras, a farmer gets only one liter
of milk per cow per day. And in the United States, a farmer
can get 50 liters per cow per day. I started Tambero five years ago,
it’s a platform that helps farmers to increase
their productions.>>[FOREIGN]
>>Tambero.com is a free application that you
can download to your phone or tablet, that is used to manage
farms across the world. We created a free tool for
farmers and we added some special features for
dairy companies. And we charge them, not the farmers. So to reach more farmers worldwide,
you need to create something that works anywhere and the cloud
is the best solution for that. With Microsoft, we are allowed to offer more tools on more platforms
to farmers in more countries. Before we used to write
things down in notebooks or just use our memory
to remember things. Now you can have
everything in control and information is used to manage
things better and more efficiently. Using Tambero,
we have gained 20% production. We have farmers in more than
200 countries and territories. We are trying to give this
knowledge through our tool so they will have more food. So the digital transformation will
allow them to receive the same level of information as
a farmer in California. And that’s very important if you
want a better world in the future. [MUSIC]

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