Tennis Serve Lesson: Fix Your Rhythm

Hi, this is Jeff Salzenstein, CEO of Tennis Evolution
and USTA High Performance coach and I’ve got a very powerful serve video to help you with your rhythm on your serve if you’ve been struggling on it. So, let’s get to that lesson right now. Now, before I show you exactly how I want you to improve your rhythm on your serve I’ve got to tell you one of the most common problems that I see out there in the tennis world when it comes to the serve and it’s a myth that we have to
break down and get rid of because so many players are struggling and that is this notion that players think that they need to take their arms up together that notion of down together, up together. So, fortunately, more and more coaches understand this, and are teaching it the right way but I still see a lot of players bringing their hands up together at the beginning of their motion and we simply don’t want to do that.
That’s going to disrupt the flow on your serve. So, what I want you to practice is
leading with your tossing hand first. So basically, if I shadow stroke the serve, what I want you to focus on is as you start the movement this tossing hand has to lead. It has to move ahead of the serving hand and arm
like this. They can’t go up together. So, let me show you what that’s going to look like. And I’ll give you that in slow motion as well. So, what happens is when you delay the serve hand and you lead with the toss hand first you are able to develop that momentum that you need when you make contact with the ball. You can accelerate at the right time. So, that’s a very powerful lesson that I want you to take to the court and take action on. And if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and click the Like button. I’d love for you to subscribe to the
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future videos that we create. And feel free to leave a comment below. Alright, thanks so much for your time today
and I really enjoy helping you with your game. So, let’s keep at it and keep taking action.

17 thoughts on “Tennis Serve Lesson: Fix Your Rhythm”

  1. the serve is an never ending journey, but your comments are very helpful. I know that rythm is key. I do not subscribe to the down together up together theory with. Thanks for you help…..Jim M

  2. Hey Jeff… for a more powerful serve, would you recommend a head heavy or head light racquet? is that good for volleying also?

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  4. Concise and to the point tennis tip.Short burst intro template. Real time and slo mo dem. Job done. I love the format and appreciate all the good advice. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I think this type of rhythm is the best. I almost toss the ball first and then start swinging the racket. If you look at some great servers like Sampras, F.Lopez and Karlovic, there is a noticeable delay between the toss and their racket arm going up to the trophy position so much so that when the ball is tossed their racket tip is still pointing downwards. Thanks Jeff. Obviously you are one of the best on youtube because of being an ex ATP player.

  6. I lead with my hitting hand because this gives me time to get into position before hitting the ball and allows me not to have to toss too high up.

  7. i totally agree with this.
    Seen many players hold on to the trophy position for too long and it disrupted the whole energy flow.
    Great video for players!

  8. Kick serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your kick serve potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you?

  9. Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your serve potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you?

  10. Although I agree that it is better to lead with your tossing arm on your serve, I just saw a video of Wawrinka's service motion He definitely goes down together, up together. It seems to work for him!! I guess it just shows that there's more than one way to serve.

  11. Thanks for this video. When serving does the tossing up go up, extend fully release, and then the hip bows into the court, or can you bow your front hip in first then start your toss? When should the front hip bow into the court? Thanks.

  12. I saw a serve of Karlovic, and you cannot believe the degree of delay between the toss and bringing the racquet hand up.

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