Testing TikTok’s Questionable Art Hacks… (send help)

Hi, my name is Rae. Seven months ago, I did a video all about TikTok’s art world and I said this When it actually comes down to it, I don’t actually mind TikTok It’s not that I love it, it’s not that I hate it I just don’t really ever use it. After that video went live, I downloaded the TIkTok app Ironically I started watching TikToks *Ironically intensifies*C and fast-forward to now, I’m pretty much on TikTok all the time. Am I proud of it? No, am I gonna combine art TikTok and art youtube again? Yes. Yes, I am So yeah today I’m gonna be testing out TikTok art hacks part 2 *voice goes deep* THE REMIX So without further ado, let’s get into it Now for this first one there is no way that you’ve been on TikTok and have not seen this Hey guys, so I’ve had a ton of requests to do another tattoo tutorial video. So here we go So I’m just going to spray the back and the front of this photo that I printed out from the internet I’ve never tried drawing a photo but I’m just gonna spray it both ways and it’s the same image as last time and then you Just put it in cold water. I only ever use cold water. I’m gonna leave it for about five minutes Okay, so I took it out of the water and then I’m gonna spray up front and back again And then I will just spray where I’m putting the tattoo. And I’m going to put it on my legs so spray my leg and then I’m just going to put Tattoo down and then apply pressure. Okay, so it’s been a couple minutes Boom nct boom EYYY So this is the picture I want. My man Vegeta (yEs dbz) *paper printing noises* And the next thing you’re gonna want to spray with some perfume I got this at Walmart for literally like two bucks So it should have copious amounts of alcohol in it We’re gonna spray the living daylights out of him *spray* And the back to- aw this stuff stinky *hoo* The ink is already coming off. Oh my god Just let that soak for five minutes *spraying intensifies* Spray it. Oh it burns!! But wait, why is it burning? Oh my god *spraying noises* Okay now plop it on *a few moments later* Okay a moment of truth Aww no Dude, oh, I didn’t work. Let me google it *piano music* All right, so I found out why it didn’t work I watched this video DIY Temporary tattoo using printer and ink On YouTube and the top comment is, I just learned that you need a laser printer to do this. Sorry guys :// So yeah, that’s why it didn’t work is because I have an inkjet printer not a laser printer, so yeah, no *buzzer noise* Okay, so this one is by Trisha and Charlotte and they’re di- they’re a pretty big DIY channel Tiker?? on TikTok Beauty canvas bubbles food coloring in the bubbles Shake it well *awkward silence* *weird background noises that includes child saying daddy* *Rae coughing and partially choking oH mY GoD tHAt pErFuMe wAs nUTs So I got these eight pack of bubbles from my local Walmart got the food coloring Yeah, and we’ll go ahead and add a lot. I want it to be very very saturated Smells like my childhood I miss it. Aww Aw It’s kind of working look a lot of it settled to the bottom as you can see, but yeah, it’s working Well, it appears to be working *more piano noises* Okay, so I got the NATIONAL TikTok saying here *”AND I OOP” in cursive* And got the bubbles right here. We’re gonna start off with this green. *le gasp* It’s working I probably should not have done this inside but it’s working. Oh ma gawd *piano music and agressive bubble blowing* And here’s what the technique looks like all finished this is a fun technique literally anybody can do I’m giving this the go-ahead *quack* So I know these all necessarily haven’t been strictly art hacks But this one is an art hack and it’s how to paint clouds by our favorite, thegemstoneartist She was in my last one. It’s tutorial time C rap you need is the paintbrushes, the water, paint, canvas, and of course the most important thing coffee So I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to do clouds but in order to do that I kind of have to do the background first. Do you have to do the background first? No, but it’s easier. So establish horizon line, fill in the sky ,fill in the thing. *incoherent mumbling* words, I don’t know In this tutorial we’re gonna do rolling clouds rolling clouds have three tiers They have the bottom which is the darkest medium and then the top which is the lightest Starting with my medium clouds and using my finger I’m just going to create small circles and move the paint until it runs out creating that kind of cloudy effect I can words today. Make sure your cloud line is uneven and repeat the process for the other layers of clouds Once three layers are in you’re gonna add white just to the tops of the three layers Make sure you keep it the same motion as before I knew I forgot something Dang that’s so pretty. We’ll see how this goes because it requires acrylic and as you guys know I’m not good at acrylic. So I’m gonna do the prep work and I will be right back *cutscene* Okay, I kind of got something going on WHAT THE (no lie its really pretty) *WHAT THE FUCK* *WHAT THE FUCK INCREASES IN VOLUME* Alright so step one is to start blending like this and she said it’s okay if you mix like the horizon and the uh clouds Screw it, screw it. We’re going off. Ohhh It’s working It’s like mixing with the white paint a little bit. Aw It’s so pretty Wow, that only took a few seconds to do step one. Okay, I see you, I see you Alright, so I’m gonna add even deeper layers to this. I bet these would look even better in oil *spongebob laugh* I’m just too biased. I love oil. What can I say? We’re gonna cover up the ugly ocean cuz I did not do a good job on that I’m gonna give these my go-ahead because they’re so pretty. Oh my god *The Price Is Right theme song* Alright now on to the next DIY which I really hope this works All right, you guys who’s ready for a DIY using kinetic sand a baby alien and a glue gun? alright first you’re gonna make a hard surface and then you’re going to take your little alien And push them in Alright, once you have them in there pretty good, you’re gonna want to wiggle them out carefully Not to disturb the mold Next you are going to fill the mold with hot glue. Make sure to get all the little cracks. Okay? Alright, once you have the mold filled you just gonna let it sit for five or ten minutes You know when you can touch it, you can touch it once it’s dry. You can go ahead and pull it out giggity Next you’re gonna want to give it a bath. Oh you like that? and here’s the finished product Now you have a replica of your son’s favorite tiny ass toy *giggles* Yeah Okay, got the kinetic sand. I’m also gonna try this with play-doh. Okay now that it’s in a pile you put the toy in *weird sound effects* Then you’re gonna add in the glue Maybe?? Oh god I just lifted it up on accident. Oh god. Oh god. Yeah. I just lifted it up *boxing bell noises* Okay, I’m gonna try this again one more time except with something maybe a little bit more simple like this screw right here Oh god there’s no way this hack is working just like sticking- ow, ow *bleep* ow god *bleep* *bleep* ow *bleep* *boxing bells again* Okay, we’ll just let that dry and at least half of it should look good All I’m aiming for is like half of it to look decent That’s actually not that bad it looks very Phallic, so does this hack work if I think yes, it does but also it’s really hard. Oh shoot. I almost forgot the play-doh Pull it out. Oh Oh god, this one looks way worse. Okay. Yeah play-doh does not work *psycho violin screech* Now on to the grand finale and this is for one of those like big art hack company channel things called Blossom *upbeat digital music* Yeah, there is no way that that clear glue is gonna be that clear and that perfectly smooth and there’s just no way Okay So for this hack, I got literally the exact things they use in the TikTok videos, and I don’t have a cheese grater so I’m gonna have to just like Manually cut these up one by one *more music* Okay now we just gotta put this in the oven *metal noises* Good luck, my friend One eternity later I am genuinely impressed with this. Oh my god, I don’t even think it needs glue. Like this is just really really cool I’m gonna add glue anyway, cuz that’s just the instructions and we’ll just let that dry overnight. We’ll see what happens Do not add glue I repeat do not add glue Basically, you just added a bunch of air bubbles and it’s just not looking good and I left some glue on my desk So even if you did it the original way it would still have air bubbles So the crayons work just not the glue that part I have no idea what that was, but it was not this Okay. Well, I don’t know how to end this video. So if you want to see some trash hit up my TikTok *sips tea* With that being said guys thank you so much again for watching and I will see you next video ʙʏᴇ *more upbeat music*

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  1. This has probably already been mentioned, but for the last hack, you may be able to substitute resin for the clear glue. That'd probably provide a more transparent finish.

  2. Rae I didnt, want to download tik tok but my friend made me and the next thing that happened was that I got addicted and now I use it more than her

  3. Unsubscribing JUUUUST because she said “and I oop” is the national tik tok saying, the disrespect to twitter.🙄😒

  4. I love your videos and love you. I understand that you take a lot of time for your videos but i would love to see more.❤️

  5. You could go to a dollar store and get those clear stones some are round idk if perfectly round thou it's been a long time since I've seen them lol but could work

  6. I think that glue gun one didn't work for you because the gun you used was low heat. It might work better with a high heat one. You can get them at Micheal's for like $2. As for that last one… I'm thinking they did a bait and switch with the glue. It was probably resin.

  7. The last hack with blossom, when she added the glue on the pendent with the dry crayola DON"T DO THAT!! as you can see blossom put on baking paper not straight away with the pendent so that's why it didn't work Rae.

  8. The last one for pendant was probably epoxy resin. Only that could turn out that polished and glossy like glass.

  9. Who is suddenly OBSESSED with tik tok 😂😬?

    I know you’re thinking that I’m annoying commentor who ask for subs but I haven’t really done this before. Anyways I would really appreciate it if you guys can subscribe to me? Like we can exchange subs and stuff 🙂

  10. Rae: *uses hot glue

    Me: don’t touch it. It’s hot

    Rae: touches it. OW F**

    Me: what. Did. I. Just. Say.


  11. For the necklace i think if you tapped the pendant on a hard surface a bit to get the air bubbles out it would help. You could also use clear resin which seems like overall better. There seems to be some shrinkage on the edges so maybe if you put it the glue on a clean (maybe sprayed with pam for removal ease) pendant of a larger size and then popped it off and placed it over the crayon on the smaller size it would work better?

  12. The gluegun hack thingy might have worked if it was clear? And since gluesticks dry so fast you could push the bottom of it thats facing you. Yeah hahahah

  13. OMG!!! I could do the tattoo thing cause I have a laser printer my dad has one. But you can buy one for 100 or 200 dollars

  14. I'm pretty sure those "clear glue domes" were clear vinyl or other plastic domes specifically made for that kind of craft. I bought some self adhesive ones a few years ago for making artist trading cards. You can use resin as well, I think – it is self levelling.

  15. PSML LAUGHING AT THE HOT GLUE HACK 😂 omg this was so funny to watch… and I'm sorry for what TikTok is…. it's a mess 😫

  16. The perfume art tattoo thing works tho I tried it but doesnt stay that long maybe cuz I didnt put it in water long enough

  17. I don’t think you’re hot glue is the right one? It seems kinda thick, hot glue is usually more kinda runny/liquid-y.

  18. I love love love you but hun your makeup in this video doesn’t look the best and I think it’s the lighting but you’re so beautiful you don’t need makeup

  19. If you apply some heat with a hairdryer to the glue you can help the airbubbles out of the glue. Dont put it too close to the glue, wind speed low and the heat up and you shoudl be fine

  20. Ok so for this hack I got literally the same stuff they have in the video… I don't have a cheese grater

  21. Your make up looks like narutos sage mode and I'm talking about the eye part sorry I'm a boy and I don't know what type of make up sorry

  22. I wonder if you could use a clear coat of nail polish instead of glue if you still wanted to get the glossy look on the pendant 🤔

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