Texas failing to provide education to students hospitalized for mental illness

good afternoon my name is Adrian Gaspar
I’m here at the Texas Capitol on behalf of DRTx or Disability Rights Texas to
discuss some key findings from our recent report that discusses issues with
education services at psychiatric hospitals across the state. Our first
finding was that schools are failing to provide a free and appropriate public
education at the psychiatric facilities to all youth,
especially to youth who are receiving special education services outside of
the hospitals. Our second finding was that school districts are failing to
fulfill what is called child find duties or federal requirements to
identify and evaluate students who may be eligible for special education
services. And our third finding would be that DSPS is failing to appoint
individuals to represent foster youth who are over represented in these psychiatric
hospitals and their special education service journey. For more information on
the report please find it at DRTx.org

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