The Honest Truth About Living A Spiritual Path…

hi my lovelies it's me krishma aka the transnational butterfly and this video is dedicated to you anyone that is going through a patch new things along the spiritual journey okay so it's just some sort of tips advice for you guys but before I start I just want to let you know that if you didn't already know I am doing personal angel card readings and I would love to be a part of their journey so if you want more information then just scroll down in the description box below okay all the information will be there so let's just get straight into the video so a lot of people assume that when someone is embarking their spiritual journey it tends to be all rainbows and Sun shines and this this misconception misconception that people have to always be happy and positive especially when you're on a spiritual journey but although that is the the value or the belief that a lot of spiritual people live up to you know they do want to be happy they do want to be positive and it is a very common trait for them to lead life that way but the whole spiritual journey every experience every phase is not going to be like that you know there is gonna be occasions where people do do go through patchy phases you know maybe having mental illnesses may be an experience that has triggered them to really hit rock bottom and let me just tell you that it is okay to go through those patchy phases I know I'm currently going through one of those patchy phases for the past month and a half I've been doing a lot of shadow work in a work and let me tell you it has definitely benefited me in so many ways I I want to share that with you I want to share the fact that I'm still seeing the light at the end of the tunnel even if I am going through a patchy phase and I want to let you guys know that if you are going through a challenging phase of patchy phase that it's okay because guess what when the universe sends us these sort of phases in our life it's it's a sign or it's you know it's it's the universe's way of telling us that you are ready to move up to the next level okay although it may not seem that appealing but it is actually a chance for you to grow to learn to change to move to the next level of consciousness so that you can get closer to your higher path so that you can get closer to yourself so that you can unpeel those layers so that it leads you on to the right path and it's sort of like taking a detour you know these challenges that we face these patchy phases that we go through it's sort of like you're in the driver's seat and you're taking a detour you've probably taken a wrong turn you know you've probably gone into the left lane instead of the right you've probably taken a right turn you've probably been going round and round the roundabout without you know any direction you're lost you're confused but then the universe actually places these detours you know in your path for reason so that you can remind yourself to get yourself back on track on who you really are and it acts as a reminder that you know this is not you if something's going wrong it's a lesson that you need to fix okay it's a car Matic lesson that needs to be solved it's you know a healing lesson that needs to be solved in order for you to get back on the right Road okay so sometimes we need those detours we need to change direction take the wrong lane because that is just part of life okay but through this it's a blessing because we can you know when we're just right down when we hit that rock bottom it's a great thing because we there is no other way but to go up from there the cause you're at the bottom the only way to go is up okay so that's a great thing and it's a chance for you to change things that may not be aligning with you right now it's a chance for you to shift things whether it be your mental state or motion state whether it be elements in your life areas in your life like finances career relationships yourself you know it's a chance for you to heal any fears and the insecurities it's a chance for you to really grow and manifest amazing things that connect with you that connect with your heart and what you truly want out of life is a great time for you to reflect on what's making you unhappy what emotions you are feeling it's a chance for you to really change course change direction because guess what change happens every single day and that is the beauty of the universe that's how the universe works we encounter new people new experiences new events okay even new perspectives and beliefs some values on ourselves and so every day we will encounter change and we don't know when it's gonna hit us but that's just the amazing unpredictability of that okay but that's a good sign so if you are going through a patchy phase don't don't play the victim role okay this is your chance to use your personal power to see it as a good thing and I know I know I can understand you're probably you know not feeling positive or optimistic about it but eventually your body okay your subconscious it's gonna get really tired of feeling down in the dumps and drained off an energy and that energy is gonna have to escape because it's staggered in energy and when the times were you're gonna eventually want to move places want to change things and want to move forward in the right direction okay so please don't lose hope okay this patchy phase is here for a reason and the universe is only guiding you to the right direction it's only trying to help you out so you can grow as a person so you can be better to move to the next level of your spiritual journey okay and it's okay people who are embarking on their spiritual journey when you go through these patchy phases it's a chance for you to work on yourself work on your fears work on your insecurities because no one is perfect you know we can be happy people positive people but we can't always be perfectionist okay that's okay because I know that I'm not perfect I I'm constantly learning growing wanting to improve a lot of things in my life you know and that is just the beauty of embarking yourself on a spiritual journey it's endless growth you know it's endless learning it's a chance for you to always learn and grow and improve okay because we are not perfect okay we all experience things that we can work on that we can improve on okay so when you can get in that state of humbleness and appreciate yourself for just the way you are and love yourself whilst you're dealing with these fears and insecurities and patchy phases then that's a good sign okay so anyone going through a patchy phase I just want to remind you to love yourself in the process just as much as I am okay just as much as I am and it is a challenge but just know your angels are with you the universe is supporting you ask for guidance if you need it Hey notice the signs and synchronicities quiet in your mind okay but love yourself in this process because I'm barking a spiritual journey isn't always going to be rainbows and Sun shines it's gonna have to be a lot of challenges you face along the way so that you can see the truth okay you can really get honest with yourself about who you are what you want out of life what makes you feel happy what makes you feel good what doesn't make you feel good okay this is a chance for you to shine your light and grow okay so I hope this video inspired you in some way please let me know in the comments below if it did and yeah please don't forget to Like share and subscribe thank you so much for watching once again spreading peace

38 thoughts on “The Honest Truth About Living A Spiritual Path…”

  1. Yehhhh!!! I’m so happy you started angel card readings. Looking forward to one. Yes patchy phase! But will overcome. ☮️❤️☀️
    So do we get ahold of you through Instagram? I don’t do social media besides YouTube and I don’t even have my picture up lol! Trying to get the courage to get instagram but I’ve been waiting you to do this since I’ve come across you on YouTube. If that’s the case I might just jump that line lol! Thank you 🙏 always a pleasure

  2. 💜💜💜💜 needed this. I have been feeling blah lately and unable to figure out why I feel this way. Asé

  3. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. those patches is the universe(GOD) building your character 💪 so endure till it’s over. By the way karishma congrats! on your 20k subs!! Good girl keep it up.

  4. Thank you so much. This past weekend all of a sudden I took a dive and could not understand. This video put things in prospective. Thanks again.

  5. I love this and everyone of your videos so much. I feel like you're wearing a cape in this video ..which is fitting since you are basically a super hero to me!

  6. Thanks for sharing Karishma! You are up to the challenge! We all must journey through the Daath. We got your back!

  7. Thank you ✨😇✨ amazing information/teaching ! ,,, I am so thankful and grateful and appreciated for all your work that you do , love peace happiness to us all we are all one 🌍. 💫X

  8. Thank you, Wonderful Transformational Butterfly. Makes me feel better because I am expected to be jolly incessantly, at the times when I am having painful challenges. Seems like a perpetual catalyzing for the duration of my entire life. There has never been the peak without the Valley in my life. It's nice to hear that you feel and understand that the spiritual journey is always ebbing and flowing. Thank you again. Much Love and Many Blessings.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration, hugs & love to you too. Went homeless yesterday, this is right on time.

  10. See i knew something was up. Ah ha. lol Just kidding i wish you well. I was curious to ask
    could it be possible that what your describing and experiencing be attributed in some way to
    a spiritual connection with someone else? If the twin soul concept or something like it exist
    then is it possible that what your experiencing is the result of one souls thoughts and or feelings
    transferring onto the other affecting the more balanced individual in a negative way? If one twin
    soul is balanced but the other is not then could the unbalanced twin soul hold back the more 
    balanced one in the bigger scheme of things? Could that be a contributing factor to the patchy
    phases as you describe?

    Me myself i'm not looking at things as good or bad because westernized dualism is a trap and
    to think that one can be positive 24/7 is fictional at best. Social alchemy is great to know when
    your surrounded by not so like minded people and i have always had a knack for making chicken
    salad out of chicken shit so if you can do that then your good. Don't be to hard on yourself just
    ask yourself ok how did i get here and how do i get out of it? Agh you know all of that already
    your an old soul who's lived more past lived than me. lol

    As always i wish ya a wonderful evening and up and coming week ahead. Later my guardian

  11. Spot on!!! Been going through this the last few months with relationship. Growth and expansion. 🙌🏼🙏🏻♥️

  12. I've been doing a lot of shadow work as well, a lot of purging and surrendering to flowing with easier and more frequently. We're on this journey together, I only hope for the best for you.

  13. Thank you for the video! Yes, we are not perfect because we are UNIQUE WITH THE SPECIAL SKILL. Love, light and peace!

  14. Thank You, so much… a situation arise and this vid really helps me. I appreciate you and god bless us you and all in this journey!!! 🙏🏼

  15. Thanku so very much dear ANGEL..🤗..m facing that challenges but its kkk m growing thanku so very much Almighty for chosen me…🙏🙏🙏feeling blessed

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