The New MINI Countryman | Driver Assistance & Connectivity

[Applause] let me introduce you to many connected the mobility assistant feature was useful even before getting into the car whenever our friend shares an exciting location with me on my smartphone I send it to many connected and advanced the prep for my next adventure this is just the beginning the moment I enter the new MINI Countryman my smartphone automatically links up to a wide 8.8 inch screen with brilliant color display screen control say hello to a mobility assistance that keeps you in touch with everything everywhere without any additional cables just by a bluetooth it makes even more sense for a mini of the takes you off road doesn’t it whatever the condition on the road it’s always important to keep your eyes on it thanks for the mini head-up display right above the steering wheel not a problem at all in combination with the front camera it memorizes traffic sign that you know about incoming calls and shows you the route missing a term will be difficult now on it’s a smart move driving a car but it’s also a safe one the new MINI Countryman delivers a state-of-the-art range of driving assistance program such as the collision warning assistance with pedestrian recognition and brake preconditioning as well as an active cruise control function this works in stop-and-go traffic jam situations and up to 140 kilometres per hour it also provides you with an intelligent emergency call function which notifies the call car in case an accident even when you can’t we exploring this world or guided and God ah ah

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  1. Don't be fooled, the navigation is one of the worst I've ever used. It's absolute trash, and to make it worse, there's no updates or support for it mini discontinued it, leaving everyone high and dry.

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