The Time Shop | A Holiday Short Film | Proudly Served by Chick-fil-A®

– [Young Girl] Oh it’s snowing. – Uh huh, right. (gasps) – Um okay.
– Let’s make a snowman. – Can’t now honey. – Dad? – Sorry kiddo. – Wanna make a snowman? – Uh, I can’t see. (door creaking) (clock ticking) (gasps) (cogs moving) – What? (door creaking) Wow. (magical music) Hey. What is this place? – Welcome Sam. You’re right on time. – You know me? – Of course, you wanna
make a snowman right? – How did you– (springs boing) Hey, what’s that? – That’s lost time. And then there’s time that flies. – Whoa. – Ah, Together Time. The best kind. It can make memories that last forever. – I wish my family could understand. – Here, sometimes people
just need a little reminder. – [Mom] Sam, where are you? – Time to go Sam. – Thank you. – My pleasure. – Mom, dad, guess what? Cats took me to a Time Shop. – What happened?
– With so many clocks and cuckoos.
– I have to go. – Lost time, Time that flies and all kinds of time and here, the kinds you give. – What is this? (gasps) (laughs) – [Dad] Okay everybody, there we go. (laughs) – This is actually really fun. – He’s done. (magical music)

100 thoughts on “The Time Shop | A Holiday Short Film | Proudly Served by Chick-fil-A®”

  1. I love how the “clock man” is a representation of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, in a not, obvious representation. Chick fil a should always be commended👍🏼

  2. ‘Probably the greatest gift that God has given any one of us is the power that we have to change people’s lives by what we do,’ What CFA supports now ends lives before they begin. Cool cartoons will disguise that for some, but as for me and my house…

    #eatMorBeef !

  3. What a positive effect you had on so many people today with this commercial. I love it so much, I’ve shared it with anyone who will watch, thank you.

  4. I saw this during today’s 93rd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What a cute little short, the visuals were especially great!

  5. You guys might as well open up on Sunday considering a good portion of the Christian base is now going to be skipping your franchise. RIP S. Truett Cathy glad you weren't around to see this.

  6. I cried so much with this commercial 😭😭😭 It's true time flies and there's lost time. We ignore our loved ones and sometimes is too late.

  7. I saw this as an actual add on YouTube and wondered what it promoting AND IT WAS A CHICKFILA ADD I was laughing so hard 😂😂

  8. Did they partner with Pixar or something?The animation is astounding!I want to see a full feature with this animation

  9. Chickafila I am very disappointed that you no longer support Christian organizations. You put profits in front of principles.

  10. Im no longer going to eat your food again, i though you where a god fearing fastfood place. not a devil worshiper lgbt place.

  11. Pretty sure making and snowman and going to some time shop has nothing to do with waiting at the drive-thru with a million cars just to get food that's not even that good.

  12. I was hyped and thought that this was a movie trailer until I saw the Chick-fil-A logo at the end. I went like 'WHAT?' But then I saw that Chick-fil-A uploaded this video.

  13. At The end i was so suprised because it said The film is made by Chick-Fil-A!😱😨🤑😛😝😜😚😙😗😘😍😌😋☺️🙃🙂😊😉😇😆😅😄😃😂😁😬😀👻😡

  14. They went offfffffff with this one. Yoooooo where’s the movie???? Please don’t sleep on yourselves. Multimillion dollar potential here.

  15. This actually could be a movie I feel, something like “The time shop” that could be about how people waste time and how they could easily be doing more memorable things that will have more of a positive impact on the people around them.

  16. When chick fil a, a fast food restaurant, has so much money they can invest advertisement in an animation that doesn’t say anything about their food, and still profit off of it.

  17. I saw this commercial as an ad, and when the guy said "my pleasure" I jokingly thought, "he's from Chick-fil-A". Then it turned out to be an actual Chick-fil-A commercial.

  18. "Let's donate to the Salvation Army so everyone can have a nice Christmas."
    "Can't now Honey. We have to be politically expedient."

  19. Why have you abandon Christian values, supporting traditional marriage isn't hateful, you are falling into they ways of the world. Calling good bad and bad good, sweet bitter and bitter sweet, you running on a sandy foundation, and you went for anti Christian organizations. Your old values weren't hateful at all, by abandoning your old values, you are drifting farther away from the light.

    Just had to tell you on your latest video, since you don't have any community post about you latest actions as of late.

    They are not going to leave you alone, they will still hound you until, you abandon your Christian values and at the end it won't be a good thing.

  20. Chickfila knows all about time – lost time, time that flies, and betrayal time where you call decent people a homophobic hate group and take their money and give such money to a real hate group called the Sothern Poverty Law Center. Nice.

  21. 0:00 – Do you wanna build a Snowman?
    Come on, let's go and play!

    0:06 – I never see you anymore.
    Come out the door.
    It's like you've gone away.
    We used to be best buddies, but now we're not.
    I wish you would tell me why.
    Go away, Anna.

    0:15 – It gets a little lonely
    All these empty rooms
    Just watching the hours tick by
    (Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock)

    1:30 – Do you wanna build a Snowman?

    The only question is, why she was named Sam and not Ana?

  22. Look…I get it. It's the holiday season. It's a good message. But when I saw the company this ad was for at the end, I actually physically groaned out loud. You're a controversial chicken company. Do you really think fast food is that impactful? C'mon. Seriously. Really, now.

  23. dear chick fill a this video is so cute and a cute two cats this video makes people cry I think I witch a same video make a pixar movie and have great year 😁

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