This Is Why You Should Pray FAJR | Secrets About Fajr Prayer

I all over Bellaire him in a shaytani regimes Malaya rahmani raheem that one prayer we all struggle with his fudger it comes from the Arabic word dawn or to burst forth I believe it is the one prayer that most of us struggle to leave our beds for our sleep for so why do we need to do our best to pray fudger even if we have commitments in the morning even though it means broken sleep the reasons are many and I shall just cover a few according to even Marja whoever offers Forja prayer he's under the protection of Allah success health and well-being are all things we desire but did you know that the to voluntary requires a fudger are better than this world and all that it contains imagine the sublime reward from such a small act of worship fudger is a time when the Angels bear witness there are angels who take it in turns to visit you by night and by day and they all assemble at dawn Roger and the afternoon a sir those who have spent the night with you ascend to heaven and their Lord who knows better about them yet asks in what condition did you leave my servants they replied we left them while they were performing salah and we went to them while they were performing salah and this is a calling to bihari the timing of roger is important also fudger means starting the day with a positive energy and it allows us to be positive about the day ahead and the dawn prayer teaches us the importance of time for anyone who has been up at that time you know it's a very special time of day it is a time of birdsong whilst the daylight begins to break colouring the expansive sky every bit of creation praising Allah in its own way there are benefits for people in dunya as well as the al hero Fajr prayer gives us protection in the dunya and akhirah and so is so important for us how does it benefit us in the dunya we are human and to be human is to earth it cannot be helped fodder provides a means to cleanse our souls reflect on ourselves and strive to improve ourselves that quiet time of dawn allows us to focus deeply and it is known that those who pray Fajr consistently also to have a good energy and a good temperament india ferrah it benefits us because we know that the one who prays Fanjul and maghrib prayers will not enter the fire of hell and this is according to muslim so my brothers and sisters let us take this opportunity and seize the dawn by praying for so that we can reap the rewards in this life and in the hereafter

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