THRESHOLDS Connecting Body and Soul After Brain Injury: Lawrence Pray, author and illustrator

these are the crazy mountains these are the mountains that were outside of our back door when I had that first stroke the first most joyous part of a painting is drawing one simple line and the reason this single line is meaningful to me is because after a stroke all you can do is think about what one thing can I do that separates space sky and land me and life I had two strokes I went through rehab I slowly learned to speak again and mostly I had to learn to have my body fit again you know when you put on a glove well after a stroke we don't fit anymore but the person we were just a day before people talk about rehab with the idea that we're going to be able to go back we're going to rehabilitate that's not true we learn to create ourselves all over again I just love the messiness of water cooler some people don't like it because they can't control it but after a stroke we give up this idea of complete control watercolor is working with opposites all the time red and green blue and orange and anybody recovering from brain injury as a soldier or somebody in an auto accident or stroke is all about opposites the counselor said are you depressed I said of course I want to go back to my life she said that's really good news that you're depressed that means your brain is working and you realize how deep this loss is okay now there's a sort of interesting sky not really this is not the greatest watercolor ever done brooker comparison is the enemy if we say well I used to be able to do that now I can't what good does that observation serve none it took me six months to write my first book it took me eight years to write this book everybody knows somebody that's had a stroke and we all wonder what do we do and I hope that this book will give insight into that question what's it like to go through a stroke you're not expected to survive what is it like to recreate life you

11 thoughts on “THRESHOLDS Connecting Body and Soul After Brain Injury: Lawrence Pray, author and illustrator”

  1. Every time I watch this, I am moved and inspired again.  I just showed it to my sister-in-law and she was blown away. I am about to share with Ann Legg.  Thank you so much for your vision and your words!  Much love, Lili

  2. Thank you Roger. I have always thought of you as a fellow writer who shares the intense curiosity of what happens when soul meets "reality." It is no surprise that we have both been called to share a love of life through ministry. Merci milles fois pour tes sentiments. Larry.

  3. Larry, we've known each other for over 45 years. You never cease to amaze me. Your book is both insightful and inspiring. A cousin of mine would say that you are full of BS — Beautiful Soul!! This video is a good intro to the consciousness raising that I found in your book. C'est merveilleux!!!

  4. Kathy, thank you so very much. We never quite know where either healing, poetry, or painting will take us. So to hear from someone is ever so meaningful. Thank you. Take care, Larry

  5. Absolutely beautiful! The music and the sound of your voice is a wonderful combination! Your creativity while painting and talking is true poetry. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Larry, Doug, and Connie for the inspiration to reach for hope no matter the obstacle. Your vision and belief light a path for all of us!

  7. This is brilliant! Boy, does Larry Pray know how to express himself beautifully, in prose and in water color. And boy, does Doug Pray know how to make a film that listens!

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