Times when it’s best NOT to ask your angels for help (6 of 10)

Tip number 6 is that if you’re very emotional
about a certain situation, it’s best to wait until later to get your angels help with that
situation. We all go through difficult and challenging times in our life and if your
going through something like that right now, try to see that there’s a learning lesson
in it but if you’re very upset, depressed, crying, emotional about something and you
try to ask your angels a question in that particular moment, it’s going to be difficult
for you to discern a clear answer. You need to take some time to regroup yourself, to
cleanse and to come back to feeling centred within before you ask your angels questions.
They will always be backing you and helping you regardless of if you’re emotional but
it’s just going to be more difficult for you to pick up the clarity because all that emotion
is kind of clouding you and getting in the way. That can be a difficult one sometimes
but be patient with yourself and make your first priority to get clear and relaxed first.
Come back to that pivot point, your buffer zone and when you feel more relaxed, go ahead
and try to ask your angels again.

2 thoughts on “Times when it’s best NOT to ask your angels for help (6 of 10)”

  1. I like to send angels MY love..and to let them know they did a fabulous job!! I have a "parking angel" …I learned about them via a book I read about Angels.. that I have..I can't recall the author's name..but, I thought "Why not ask for a parking angel and see if it works?!" I tried it…and it's been working for me ever since! Many of my friend's don't always believe me.. but, then THEY tried it out..and it worked for them and they were absolutely amazed too! LOL!! 

    I try NOT to forget to thank my angels.. because they are awesome!!

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