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  1. Of course Trump had to pay to get his kid's into college that's only they could have got in, l mean they have very little brains

  2. The Trump family are the enemy of the people and USA!. The Trump family are criminals and traitors and it is the DUTY of ALL Americans to ACT on this fact !

  3. Even though i dont know much about politics, i can tell this is the worst president of the millennium not even in million years can find a worst one who worst than him!This freaking big PATHOLOGICAL &  a blatant liar clown create nothing but chaos , crisis & pain. Not only in trade war, economics downturn, human crisis like parent-children separation, blame on both side support KKK etc Only know intimidating, threatening, bullying,  Criticizing his enemy, media who said bad THINGS ABOUT HIM.
    This selfish, immoral, inhuman little old man only think of himself & do not care anyone else but himself. As long as nothing benefit for him, it is none of his business, this clown does not care you die or live, even you lost your car, your boat, your airplane, your house, choose between utilities and food on table, choose between baby food and gasoline during the no pay government shut down showdown. This liar clown yesterday said A, today says B, tomorrow will say he never said A & B, the day after tomorrow will say what he said does not mean what he said. Enough is enough for this jerk.
    Sometime crime/violent does not choose its targets/victims randomly or selectively.As a Nation , country, community shall come together as a unity it does not matter what groups, races, religions. Most of the times, everything anything "ones" say trying to intimidating, threatening, bullying,  Criticizing & demonize a particular person/people/groups like News media (enermy of people), trying to divide the country, which can create a serious consequences even though he is not the one with his finger on the trigger but only using his mouth. Might God bless American!!

  4. Hahaha, ironic Donald junior making fun of the other parents who bought their kids way into college,,,spare me, dumb Donald no. 2 !!

  5. His dad's skin looks like those type of sausage meats you see at the supermarkets with all different colored chunks of fat and organs LOL

  6. Oh the irony, they went to Penn State and now they will go to the State Pen!
    Wharton School of BS, has lost my respect.

  7. 17*6 is not a practical application?!?😵😵😵😵
    It's forth grade multiplication at least… Boy is she stupid.😵😵😵😵

  8. Afirmitive action has race based acceptance allowing worst grades to get in while others are pushed out .

  9. Most parents enrolled there kids in a business that has programs to help raise the kids appeal to college and held raise there sat scores. These parent are being targeted patsy's to redirect attention from the states and political connection these states and schools have .no way this works without mayor ,commissioners, senators or governors help.
    If you dont know it's no south eastern schools.its a block of ivy league and Democrat left wing colleges of cali several on this list.
    Trump draining the swamp and they wont to try and drag him into a sting that he himself appointed .lol
    Look at the FBI investigators and the superiors ots not Obama's FBI. Lol

  10. Traitor Tot should be home packing for prison! If he's all packed up he can help Jared and Ivankkkunt pack!

  11. Ok, he's a hypocrite. Now, back to the question. Why are they silent? Notice how they never did get around to discussing that. Weird.

  12. at least 96 was devisable by 6, but 112 isnt … fun. But university studies actually dont say much about intelligence.

  13. I think we've all guessed long ago that none of them got into college on their own merits, you just have to listen to them!

  14. Money wasted on those two, you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, even if you do try to fix it with plastic surgery.

  15. ImFull disclosure, I never understood how DJT got elected, but I still don’t understand how people still support him. I believe registered GOPers and Dems experience starkly different realities. It can’t be just that all these people are really stupid or bad. But why are there these different realities? Are the brainwashed by FOX?

  16. Why doesn't anyone talk about the other 48 real estate developers, equity fund managers and CEOs that were also involved in the scam? Just the two actresses.

  17. Teump abuses women. Most men with money want their sins,to follow; Trump figured Fake Bazonga Barbie could be pimped out.

  18. Nice choice of clips at the end. The irony was just dripping. We all know Trump's daddy bought him his diploma. Hey, Donnie — prove he didn't: release your grades!

  19. Six times seven is forty two. Write down the two and carry the four. Six times one is six, plus the four that was carried over, is ten. Write down the ten in front of the two. The answer is one hundred and two.

    I flunked out of Wharton, but took a math refresher course at Trump University. I'm pretty sure my answer is right.

  20. Wait… so he donated a hundred thousand so his son can go to that school. but he donated over a million for the daughter?? I'm sorry but how stupid is Ivanka for Trump to donate so much more😂😂🤣🤣

  21. I doubt that money came from Trump himself. I bet he used the money he collected from people for his charity organization to pay the college under his name. He'd want to take the credit.

  22. Lisa Page testified this week….that Obama ordered the Russian LIE on Trump. Why didn't your news report that? Why?

  23. You are over 70 now Mr. Trump. We don't care about your school 50 years ago. It is the man that when he grows into after they leave college that is important. And you are one of America's biggest disappointments. Nobody cares if your grades were not perfect. Grades never were indicative of a student's intelligence. But claiming to be at the top when you weren't only gave yourself a problem completely of your own making. You simply gave Americans another thing to use as proof that you lie and you're not as smart as you say you are. Only a dumb person would've made up the story. You cause your own problems over and over and over. A brilliant person never has to say he is.

  24. 40 seconds to think of a multiplication times a single digit . And still was dumbfounded. HUCK TOU <<< THAT IS A SPIT IN YOUR FACE MAGGOT

  25. When someone has to constantly go out of his way to remind you of how smart a person he is (and how "not guilty" he is)…it is usually an obvious sign that really isn't.

  26. Trump deserves the Nobel prize for chemistry for every time he nutted anywhere that wasn't inside an ovulating woman.

  27. Trump can't multiply, he did really well in school but won't show us his grades, he pays his taxes, but he won't release his tax record. He totally got into Harvard and Wharton because his daddy gave a big donation.

  28. The Trump's, from father, to the kids, and grandkids, are all Hippocrates!!!!! They all were bought, into the schools, just see how they speak on subjects, they have no clue. Ya, real funny, they brag how smart they are. Yes!!! We went to the best "Prominate" School's, but for some reason they came out dumbasses, literally.

  29. Oh. That would explain why the University of Pennsylvania alumni magazine has never uttered an opinion one way or the other about their most famous alumni or his children who were grandfathered in.

  30. Someone needs to do something! They need to get this guy out of office!!!! He’s going to do something insane!!!! HE NEEDS TO LEAVE!! SAD excuse for a president!!!!!!

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