100 thoughts on “Trump’s Tax Bill Helps One Man In Particular”

  1. I'm so lucky to be in the position that I'm in right now financially so I can thankfully say this w/out even more stress from the republitards and the orange terrorist which is that since repubs aren't slowly dying from trump's health"care" the next thing that needs to happen to break republicans is their wallet. When the God Emperor is stepping on their wallets crushing them to poverty writing them out of a class, it wasn't Obama, it was trump. Their brains will explode from logical hoops that they can't get through to blame Obama.

  2. Democrats want free hand outs for minorities and people who do not work, because they are the only ones who would vote for liberals. Having a fairer tax system would encourage people to work harder because they get to keep what they earn. Cuts for the rich are ultimately good for the entire economy.

  3. I thought Trump wasn’t supposed to know what’s going on with his business finances while he’s in office? Why are his accountants supposedly going crazy and how does he even know what they’re saying or doing?

  4. That church addition to the bill is a bigger deal than most people realize. It will allow churches across the country to openly and fervently tell their captive audiences (who are trained to blindly think and do what they are told OR ELSE ) who to vote for without losing their tax-exempt status. You think the Christian Right has an unfair stranglehold on politicians now?

  5. Sorry but I don't think it's healthy for the country to just "laugh off" how we're being disadvantaged by our own government..

  6. That's interesting, millionaire Colbert complaining the tax plan helps the rich. Reminds me of the time Obama complained about Romney using tax shelters in the Cayman islands while Obama himself was using the same tax shelters.

  7. The rich class of America is so stupid. You're already rich…you're supposed to keep quiet, don't rock the boat, and enjoy it while no one is looking. If you tapdance on the heads of the unwashed masses, eventually you'll be reminded that you're actually the same sack of meat as everyone else, and having more zeroes on the ledger doesn't help when your meat is spoiling in the hot sun after the unwashed masses forget they're afraid of the tiny number of blue shirted goons.

  8. As long as there is segregation and racism is on the table, people would vote to cut their health care and raise their own taxes.

  9. I’m so glad Stephen Colbert managed to make me laugh right now, because I was ready to cry when I heard the Tax Bill went through. The GOP is deplorable.

  10. "Democrats took to the Senate floor and social media to mock one page that included changes scrawled in barely legible handwriting. Later, they won enough GOP support to kill a provision by Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., that would have bestowed a tax break on conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan."… "The bill would abolish the "Obamacare" requirement that most people buy health coverage or face tax penalties. Industry experts say that would weaken the law by easing pressure on healthier people to buy coverage, and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has said the move would push premiums higher and leave 13 million additional people uninsured.",,, "Drilling would be allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Another provision, knocked out because it violated Senate budget rules, would have explicitly let parents buy tax-advantaged 529 college savings accounts for fetuses, a step they can already take but which anti-abortion forces wanted to inscribe into law. There were also breaks for the wine, beer and spirits industries, Alaska Natives and aircraft management firms."

  11. The Dems lost a fuck tonne of support during Obama's first term for passing bills with that less than 45% of the public approved on. The GOP passed this shit stain bill with public approval at less than 25%. TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT. This tax bill was unpopular across party lines. Couple this with net neutrality fiasco as well… As well as the other three dozen controversies over the past year (and still going). Lets see what 2018 brings.

  12. The only trickle-down poor and average Americans are ever going to see is an increase of waste in trash bins of rich neighborhoods for them to pick up.

  13. Colbert ONLY talks about the president. HES only a talk show host. If you stop watching his PAID FOR AGENDA garbage you might quell the hate he puts in your hearts every week. Like all religious people, fear mongering is at the heart of it all. It makes you followers, and him some kind of leader. Colbert was only ever good at being fake. He WAS funny. Now he hasn't been funny since the conglomerates pay his salary now.

  14. Down with Trump, Wall street and down with the GOP. May they all rot in hell. We need to get organized and stop these crooks..

  15. Somebody please talk about how grad students are 'bout to get it in the butt now that they're taxed on money they never see

  16. Yea cut the taxes for the super-rich while the poor and middle class get a YUGE tax increase!!!! How nice pay for the cuts to the super rich by taxing the poor and middle class!!!! The disgusting racist orange pussy grabber does it again!

  17. Ok Trump is a terrible human being but if he save a billion dollars on tax cuts I hate to say this, but he must be worth as much as he says does, right?

  18. tax exempt churches taking unlimited anonymous donations while also being legally permitted to engage politically. No need for superpacs anymore. Church of Trump will unite all.

  19. Stephen you really are great…you always make me laugh to my nerves….really appreciate and like your show….believe me ..hahaha 😂😂😂

  20. I've said it before and I will say it again. The single greatest achievement of the Republican Party in the last 40 years is that they have managed to convince those people who have almost nothing that their enemy is those who have absolutely nothing, not those who have everything.

  21. Lifting the ban on political activism by churches is actually quite worrying, it's not like they don't interfere enough already!

  22. What’s funny is that it’s actually a pretty good bill and it really doesn’t help out the rich unless you’re talking about lowering the corporate tax rate.

  23. This passed the Senate yesterday. I'm thinking it's time to start manufacturing Guillotines for the rich again.

  24. Colbert is in the 1%, he'll be dancing and throwing money up in the air pretty soon 😀

    It's quite the spectacle seeing the rich and smart shitting on Trump for making them richer while at the same time seeing the poor and dumb praising Trump for shitting on them.

  25. Seriously, how many of you that actually have a job, are doing better than last year? Certainly better than the last 8 years? Are you MORE or LESS likely to be killed by a RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST this year than last? Are you MORE or LESS likely to be killed by an illegal immigrant in a DUI, or just randomly shooting people in San Fransisco, this year vs last year? Are you MORE or LESS likely to have a better life due to a better economy this year vs last year? Colbert is trying to tell you all that jobs, a good economy, frugal government, secure borders, and patriotism is ALL BAD, because Trump is the one who enabled all of that. THAT IS CRAZY. If you live in THIS country, and are taking advantage of these good things, but still bitching about Trump, that just makes you STUPID. or IGNORANT. Either way, maybe you should go to Venezuela and eat a fine 3 course meal of fried RAT for a week or two, and then maybe you'll appreciate how much better things are here.

  26. My cousin who is doing gravitational wave work as a graduate student is going to start paying taxes for $50,000+ income from a 30k salary
    Even worse since physics grad students' pay is high compared to most grad students, so if the bill passes, higher education which is the last strong leg of the US education system is gonna get kneed in the dick

  27. So what the democrats are outraged. We have been brutalized by 30 plus years of continual selfish liberalism that we don't want. Let them throw their irresponsible and irrelevant tantrums. Why do the nations rage, and the people plot what is vain? The Father, Son and Holy Spirit will do God's Good Pleasure through President Trump for these next 2 Terms and nobody can obstruct or block whatever God wants to do. Progress is being made and God is moving, and, for the record, I am neither a liberal or conservative.

  28. oh man, watching Colbert just lose his goddamn chill and get brazenly blunt about telling the President to eat a dick over the last year and a half has been….I mean. Kind of amazing. This was the administration Colbert has been preparing for. This was why he did The Colbert Report. He was uniquely suited to deal with this administration.

    its just fucking bananas. #ColbertCred #NerdCred

  29. The 51-49 vote count on the bill makes me wonder about the argument of Trump supporters in Congress, it seems like they voted just to be on the winning side of a greedy, greedy man. The good thing to come out of this decision is a small reminder: a politicians goal is not to get re-elected, it's to do what he/she think is morally true even if it costs them their career. Case in point, John Oliver's piece on The Daily Show (back in the day) about Australia's gun-control laws, and the politicians who sacrificed their careers for that. Even in the US' history, you can find examples of this; take the first president ever, George Washington, who thought his presidency would set the stage for future ones and decided to set a 2 term presidency, EVEN THOUGH HE WAS THE PRESIDENT! He could've been as much as a tyrant as any other tyrant in the world and its history, but he chose morality and the good of the people over personal interest, which represented the fucking essence of the American Republic/Democratic political system.

  30. I always wanted to go to America when I was younger. But, know that I’m older with the added bonus of economic knowledge from my business course. I all of the sudden feel comfy staying in the UK even with brexit in the works, and that speaks volumes.

  31. Trickle-down economics has never, and will never work because wealthy
    people today hardly ever do business with any company or corporation that
    isn't already owned by another wealthy person. Our economy has damn near become a
    closed circuit at this point, with the vast majority of us simply
    trying to make ends meet working minimum-wage jobs at businesses that
    are owned by the rich. Fuck Republicans for ruining this country, and
    fuck anyone who still believes their bullshit at this point too. Educate yourselves about the capitalist slave-state that this country has become before your children get old enough to have to submit themselves to it as well.

  32. So, this is a tax bill that does NOT simplify taxes, does NOT reduce the deficit, does not even meaningfully reduce middle class taxes, and does NOT pay for itself.

  33. I've always said Trump is a business man. Their primary objective is to make money. Trump is in this for himself and a few other close rich people. Now do you think the majority of his followers will smell the coffee. Nope. The mind boggling is its right in their face. And they don't realize they are just there to be a distraction while we all get wiped clean our hard earned money. Until we're walking around with empty pockets just like them. And they will blame everyone else for their hardships because that's what they are PROGRAMMED to do. Through his courtship and encouragements of their petty prejudices. Talk about cutting your own throats.

  34. actually i just did the calculations. looks like youre all wrong. the poor and middle class get the biggest break. did the calculation for married making $50K a year. they get an additional 1.5% break. the rich get about or less than 1%. you see, youre using fuzzy logic by stating the dollar amount instead of the percentage. theres a trump tax calculator on MarketWatch. try using it yourself and see how much of a discount you will get.
    Single, making $25K a year will go down to 10.5%
    Married, making $25K a year goes down to 10%
    $40K a year down to 10%
    $60K down to 10.9%
    $70K down to 11.2%
    $80K down to 11.3%
    The biggest breaks are the poor and lower middle class.

  35. That moment when you realize you should have started a business, instead of being some late night trash talk show host!

  36. That church regulation would backfire spectacularly if churches were actually teaching Jesus style socialism. But by some twisted logic they‘re often politically in bed with poor-hating billionaires.

  37. What a bunch of brainwashed tools! Look idiots, we are ALL going to pay less in taxes this year, the 1000 per child earned income is now 2000, the middle class received the biggest tax percentage cut, and the reduced the tax on alcohol for the next 2 years so it will cost less for you to drown your sorrows. 5th Third and Wells Fargo both increased their minimum wage to 15/hr, but they did by choice instead of force. Everyone here complaining can still pay more if they want, but they won't because they are all hypocrites. Anyone complaining doesn't know what the bill has in it and should have their voting rights revoked for just plain stupidity.

  38. Ok, what you all stupid ass democrats don't know is tax cuts will boom our economy and it already did during Trump's first year.

  39. What Mr. Colbert said about rich people "throwing their money up into the air" is a complete fallacy.
    Do you think rich people saves their money under their mattress? Well no, they do what any reasonable person would do, which is investing it.
    If you believe that is a bad thing, I disagree.
    There's plenty of successful examples of trickle down economics.

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