An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about
life. A fight is going on inside me, it is a terrible
fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil, he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret,
greed, arrogance self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority
and ego. The other is go, he is peace, love, hope,
serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and
faith. The same fight is going on inside of you and
inside of every other person too. The grandson thought about it for a while
then he asked which wolf will win? The old Cherokee simply replied the one you
feed. I am going to talk about my own journey and
I hope you find some inspiration in it. The reason I decided to start with that story
of the two wolves because it is a story that has always stuck with me and spoken to me
because I think it is so true. I think we all have moments of turmoil when
we want to decide whether to do what is easy and do what comes naturally or do what we
know is a reflection of our best selves. Personally as a believer I have a routine
of what I do to sort of feed the good wolf and I know it is going to differ from person
to person but I am going to take you step by step through my own routine. I feel like you can make it work for you. Meditation is so important not just to have
a sense of inner peace but to set the tone for the day in front of you. What I try to do is get in time in the morning
before I get out of bed or even eat anything to just read God’s word and dwell on it. This does two things for me, it frames my
mindset and sets the tone for the day. Right now I am trying to get through the Book
of Songs which is a really long book. I think songs is perfect for me in this season
because it is David who was the king of Israel at a time he was called by God, he was the
son of Jesse and he ends up being an ancestor to Christ. What is so great about David’s story is
he is not perfect, he is not this person who always got it right. He is the guy who saw Basheeba and killed
her husband to marry her. But the Bible still describes him as the man
after God’s heart and I think that is important because what we see in David is no matter
how many times he messes up or does the wrong thing he is always seeking God, God’s plan. His will and forgiveness and His fellowship. He was someone who loved God for who He is,
loved His presence for what it was. He was not someone who was just looking to
get from God what he could get. I think that is part of why he was described
in this way, the man after God’s heart. With David and God we see that they had a
relationship with each other. One thing that is central to every relationship
is communication and that has to go both ways. If you say you are in a relationship with
God which is what we as Christians believe and what I believe then you need to not only
be willing to speak to Him but open yourself up to listen to what He has to say in return. The type of meditation is great for me because
what I do is I read the Word, pray and then I spend some minutes just sitting quietly
listening and trying to hear, what is the spirit trying to tell me in this moment, what
is the response to what I have prayed, the Word I have read, what is the repose to the
application of the words to my life, to my day to day. Take that time to look within and think, TV
off, cellphone muted, computer off, and say okay how can I be better tomorrow than I was
today and I think you are going to see a huge difference in your life, I definitely have
already. This kind of goes hand in hand with my meditation,
I keep a journal. Journaling is something I started about a
year ago and I have been blown ay by the impact it has had on my life. There have been so many times that I have
gone through my journal when I am going through a difficult time, flipped through it and found
inspiration and encouragement from months ago for something that is happening in my
every day right now. God is all knowing, He is prepared for everything
you could ever encounter in your life and I feel like He sets these things up, the Bible
says He orders our steps. He sets these moments up to encourage us,
keep us motivated, going, He knows what is going to happen in our lives and I am just
blown away each and every time I go back through my journal, look at my notes from meditation
and I see that something from six or eight months ago can speak to me today in a way
that is profound, new and true to my own experience. I feel that this has been a great season for
me because I am single I have a lot of time and I am getting to know myself. I feel like a journal is so important powerful
because I can actually go back to where I was six months ago and see the progress I
have made up to this point. I can look at my journal and say I have changed,
I have gotten better, I do not do that anymore. It is so empowering and encouraging in those
low moments, I think a journal is great. It is kind of like a scrapbook of your life. I want to share with you this quote, I am
loosely quoting him but Bishop TD Jakes said ‘your guts will come from what God did for
you when no one was looking’. When I heard him say that I literally came
to tears because this is my life in a nutshell. So much of my courage and strength comes from
what I have seen God do in my life in the past. My trust in Him is rooted in the fact that
I have seen Him come through incredibly for me on my behalf on behalf of the ones I love
the most. There is nothing that can come my way that
I am not prepared for because I know He is prepared and I know nothing takes Him by surprise
so I am ready. We were at church and my dad was preaching
that day and he was saying God is going to go before you and I was thinking when a person
loves you they tell you they have your back, they say do not worry about it I have got
your back let us go. But God says I got your front, I went before
you. No matter what comes my way I am confident
because I know God has been there first, He said He will go before me, He has already
been there, He has already won that fight. The victory is mine because the battle belongs
to the Lord and that is peace that I have as a believer. He knows the end from the beginning you just
need to stay positive. This brings me to my next point, do not ever
let your circumstances get the best of you. There is a quote that I love that says ‘all
the water in an ocean cannot sink a ship unless it gets inside’. That is the same for you, you could have everyone
on earth saying negative things about you, a lot of the comments on this video were like
‘all of my friends are talking about me’, let them talk just do not internalize it. You cannot internalize other people’s negativity
because what they are saying has more to do with them than it has to do with you, they
do not know you, you know you, you define who you are. Another ting I have been doing to stay encouraged,
the bible says David encouraged himself in the Lord, sometimes you need to be able to
encourage yourself. You need to go to word and says God says this
about me, God has told me this about my life, God has told me this about where I am going. You need to encourage yourself in God’s
word, who God is and you will really see your life begin to change. What I find is the more I say these things,
the more I peak life the more I believe it, the more I see it around me, the more I am
not affected by the negative circumstances but I am able to have tunnel vision and focus
on those things I am talking about. My last and final tip is it is so important
to stay plugged in, take control over the images in front of you and the things you
are hearing, stay plugged in. we are so bombarded by social media, TV, music,
everything all at once and we are bombarded by all these images and sound bites. I want you to take control of your mind and
what you see here. I have got a little bit of a commute to work
each day, I have podcasts and they are amazing. You can literally listen to podcasts on your
phone and it feels like you are at a church service across the country or across the world,
that is what technology is doing it has put the gospel in your pocket I feel like this
has changed my lie because it has changed my perspective, allowed me not to get too
far away or too distant. I really am able to reel myself back in. If I am not having the best day at work I
just plug in a podcast and listen to it and immediately I feel my spirits lift. I really want that for you guys, check it
out. I will list down below my favorite podcast
so you guys can check that out as a starting point of inspiration. The real point is make sure you are having
positivity coming into you as well. I just want to tell you, take each day, each
season one step, one day, one situation at a time, pace yourself and keep everything
in perspective, stay positive, remember God’s grace, never lose sight of who he is no matter
what you are going through. I love you, stay kind and I will see you in
my next video!


  1. "Technology puts the gospel in our pickets." Favourite pick up line. Honestly I just want to say when I watch youtubers like you I feel like I'm in the family of God. I feel like were family, even tho by blood we don't relate. Whenever im going through a down time I tell myself their are other believers out their who are going through the same, then i feel comforted by Gods love. So thank you, for living a Godly life so others can come to Jesus. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I needed this. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this encouraging message. May peace be with you my sister.

  3. I love listening to you, The Lord has created us in the beautiful time to be examples of his word in Spirit and Truth. Keep up the beautiful fruit your feeding #beatitudes

  4. @maha maven, I needed this video. It ended with me in tears. GOD BLESS YOU. THIS, was just the encouragement that I needed. I know that I'm in a season of growth and God is allowing certain things to happen in order for that to take place but sometimes it is so easy to get discouraged. It is too easy to look at circumstances and become overwhelmed..BUT GOD… Circumstances will look as they may.. BUT GOD…(as my mother would say). He used you to remind me that He's got this, that He has gone before me. God bless you Maha, and may He continue to use you and cover over you and your gifts in Jesus' name.

  5. thank you so much. Hard to believe in a world of non believers. Helping years after this was posted

  6. Jesus speaks to the Soul
    Why are you upset and agitated? Leave your cares to Me and all will be fine. I tell you honestly, every act of true and blind reliance on Me, results in what you desire and will resolve all your difficulties.
    Abandonment in Me does not mean being frustrated, becoming anxious and desperate, offering Me your anxious prayer, that I may follow you and have your anxiety be a prayer.
    Abandonment means to shut the eyes of your soul in peace, moving your thoughts away from your troubles, and instead of thinking about your worries and pain, let Me take over your troubles. Simply say: Jesus, You take over. To be worried, restless, and to think of the consequences of an event is the opposite of reliance, it is really contrary to it.
    It is like a child, who wants his mom to take care his needs, but in the way he wants: and with his whims and childish ideas he hampers her work. Shut your eyes and go with the flow of My grace. Do not ponder over your present moment and put away thoughts of your future as a temptation; rest in Me, believe in My goodness and I swear on My Love, that if you think like this: Jesus, You take over, I indeed will do it for you, I will comfort you, free you, and guide you.
    If I have to take you in a different direction from the one you are looking at, I will train you,
    I pick you up in my arms, and you will find yourself, like a baby sleeping in his mother’s arms, on the other shore. What gives you immense stress and hurts you, is your reasoning over it, your thoughts and the pains it gives you; it is wanting at all costs to take care by yourself of what is afflicting you.
    How many things I can do, be it a material or a spiritual need, when the soul turns to Me, looks at Me and says to Me: Jesus, You take over, and close its eyes and rests in Me! You do not receive many graces because you insist on getting them by yourself; but instead you will receive numberless graces, when your prayer is in full reliance on Me. When you are in pain, and you pray that I may act, you want Me to act as you believe I should… you do not turn to Me; instead you want Me to submit to your ideas; you are like a sick person who does not ask the doctor for the cure, but tells him what the cure is to be. Don’t be like this, but pray as I taught you in the Our Father: Hallowed be your name, which means, may You be glorified in this need of mine; Your kingdom come, which means, everything may work toward Your Kingdom in us and in the world; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, which means, You direct it as it seems best to You for the good of our eternal and temporal life.
    When you truly tell me: Your will be done, which is the same then to say: Jesus, You take over, then I do intervene with all My omnipotence, and I will resolve every situation, even if there is no way out. For example, do you see your sickness becoming worse instead of improving? Don’t become anxious, close your eyes and tell Me with trust: Your will be done, Jesus, You take over. I repeat it, I do take care, I intervene like a doctor, and even do a miracle if it is necessary. Does a patient become worse? Don’t be frightened, close your eyes and say: Jesus, You take over. I tell you again: I will indeed do it for you, and there is no medicine more powerful than my loving intervention. I take over only when you close your eyes.
    You never sleep, you want to appraise everything, to think, to delve into everything; you choose to rely on human power, or, worse, on men, trusting their intervention. This is what hampers My words and My will. Oh how much I long for this reliance in order to assist you, and how much I grieve to see your anxiety. Satan does just this: he gives you anxiety to remove Me from you and throw you into human initiative.
    Trust only in Me instead, rest in Me, rely on Me in everything. I do miracles in proportion to your complete reliance on Me, with no thought of yourself. I spread treasures of graces when you are in the most squalid poverty. If you have your own resources, even a few, or if you seek them, you are at the natural level, thus you follow the natural way of things, which often are dominated by Satan. Never a thinker or a philosopher has done any miracle, not even among the Saints; only he who relies on God does divine work.
    When you see that things become complicated, say with your eyes closed: Jesus, I abandon myself to You; Jesus, You take over, and stop worrying about it, because your mind is sharp and for you it is difficult to distinguish evil; but trust in Me, and let your mind wander away from your thoughts. Do this for all your needs; all of you, do this, and you shall see great things, endless and silent miracles. I swear it on My Love. I shall indeed take over, you can be sure of it. Pray always with this loving confidence and you shall have great peace and great fruits, even when I choose for you the grace of immolating yourself for reparation and the love that entails suffering. Do you believe it is impossible? Shut your eyes and say with all your soul: Jesus, You take over. Don’t be afraid, I indeed will take care of you, and you shall bless My Name, in humility. A thousand prayers do not equal only one act of abandonment; don’t ever forget it. There is no better novena than this: Oh Jesus I abandon myself to You, Jesus, You take over.

    Have you ever reflected that Jesus commands us to love our neighbour AS OURSELVES?
    That means our first responsibility is to LOVE OURSELVES! We can love ourselves the way God loves us – unconditionally! It's easy:

    Say this audibly 108x a day at a stretch for at least 31 days at a stretch "I love and accept myself the way I am". If you miss a day, you have to start from scratch. You will create a new neural pathway that will work for you and any shame or self loathing will melt away. You will be able to keep all your resolutions. Your subconscious mind may try to sabotage you by getting you to forget; so be sure to make it a part of your morning routine.

    Work on dependency issues. Don't draw attention to yourself. Be quiet and humble. People will seek you out and respect you more and you will feel better. Reach out to someone in need.

    The Blessed Virgin's intercession is extremely powerful with Jesus; He can refuse her nothing! I also sit for hours before the Blessed Sacrament. I offer up all my sufferings for the conversion of sinners. You can use your Rosary decades for affirmations too. Be blessed, my friends. God loves you 🕆

  7. Ur guy will be lucky for sure…coz u spiritual and descent both gbu nice video..
    Love is divine please god please bring my love back..i know Lord for you everything is possible….i love kemi a lot

  8. Thank you sister!!! So inspiring I'm going through a hard time right now but your words really touched my heart and spirit thank you so much. God bless you!!!!

  9. I really want my life back even my beauty EVERYTHING BACK when I was in church feel I failed so and feel so terrible.

  10. Thank you so much for this! I am battling with my face and I'm going to trust God to help me, and start living my best life! Prayer requested.

  11. Hey, Hungary generation is also something good to watch on YouTube for those who need more inspiration☺

  12. Excellent video!!!! I’ve been taking these tips and actions for a few months since i started taking my spiritual journey more seriously and sitting still and just listen. Amazing amazing amazing !!

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