22 thoughts on “Two Words For A Better Serve”

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  2. There's not much difference between 3:31 and 4:40. Just a tiny pause maybe. I don't understand why this is such a big deal. I mean, when I serve, I completely relax my hitting arm so even if there is a momentary pause, it does not affect my power transfer that I can tell. In fact, if I pause a bit, i can really feel the weight of the racket on the drop. While if I keep it moving, I feel the centripetal force instead. I really don't it matters much because both methods create momentum at bottom of the drop. If you look at how Roddick has a long pause at his trophy and still managed to crush the ball.

  3. Two words for a great serve

    Good consistent toss
    Proper good throwing motion

    With these two you can serve huge without even using legs or any other mumbo jumbo small details you often here on youtube.

    Sure these small things are also good to learn properly and will benefit you, but they are cherry on top, the main engine is the proper throwing motion and a good toss.ž

    Kyrgios can serve 120+ by standing still

  4. The 2 angle video shot really is innovative. I don't see a lot of online tennis coaches show a movement from side and back. Very good explanation of how to serve efficiently.

  5. Great video!!! My boy is 12 and has been playing for over a year now. He's starting to come into his serve. The pro giving him lessons started him with the trophy position to learn the serve and learn consistency, but now he is moving toward a more fluid motion. Bending the knees and loading, not stopping in the trophy position. Hopefully he'll soon have the same type of motion that you demonstrate in this video. Great video!!!

  6. I actually figured this out on my own serve a very long time ago and I always called it "down together, up together" it really helped my toss get lower and really built rhythm within my form. But my issues lay in my form itself, not its rhythm lol.

  7. Good tip, very simple yet effective! I would also say that you can use this principle with any ground stroke too in many cases.

  8. My serving was decent, but not great…I didn't feel satisfied with the power or the feel. Felt I wasnt hitting the sweet spot and the ball pinged instead of thwacked. Then I started to think of it as the toss and backswing are the loading action, like pulling back a bow and lunging into the serve kind of loosens your body for great momentum and is the trigger. Now I feel like my serve is better and it really is about finding the timing for you…not anyone else. Oh, also holding the racquet right helps too. Even starting with your hand even lower down slightly off the bottom of the grip then adjusting helped me find the perfect grip for serving and hitting the sweet spot at the right point of the toss.

  9. There was definitely a trend for a while (about 15-20 years ago) where there was a big focus on "stages" in a serve like holding a trophy pose and whatnot. It's interesting to see a return to nice smooth "classic" motions in the past decade or so – albeit with far more efficient serve techniques.
    It really reminds me of a coach where I'm from who put a big focus on these "hold a trophy pose" stages. Granted, he's a really brilliant coach, but that never seemed right to me. All his juniors had really similar, stiff-looking serves, and I remember being able to hit the ball just as fast with a smoother technique as some of the 6'3" 6'5" guys, and a lot of his other older players.
    Of course, once the ball went into play I was totally screwed, but hey…

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