Ultimate Support Apex AX-48 Pro Keyboard Stand Review Tutorial

17 thoughts on “Ultimate Support Apex AX-48 Pro Keyboard Stand Review Tutorial”

  1. Nice review! I also am considering the new apex for my two keyboards. However, i'm a bit concerned about stability. Did it ever happened that your stand fell off the stage using either one of the APEXes? Does the floor type matter and do different floor types make stability any different? Thanks! 🙂

  2. And also, if i buy the pro plus version, do i get the normal clean plastic cap (without the adapter part) alongside the mic mount cap, or it is just the one with the adapter?

  3. Can i put the arms in a certain angle for the Boards? I have three boards, a Tyros 3, a Novation Impulse and a Arturia Keylab
    Greetings from Holland

  4. Hi Mark, is the KS7350 Z stand any good? Also, can you recommend someone at Sweetwater that I could buy a Nord from? Thanks!

  5. Just bought this stand. Unfortunately, there's no option for placing my music stand other than left or right of the keyboard. Wish they had an accessory for a sheet music holder.

  6. Wow…im in the exact same situation…bought my original in the early 90s and am thinking of getting a new one. I will say though mine is in better condition than yours lol I bagged it all its life though. I replaced the rubbers on my arms ages ago though

  7. Great review, but wish the arms were foldable not detachable, just something else to loose on a hectic, dark stage. Some of the other manufacturers have solved this problem in 2015 🤦🏻‍♂️shame as I really wanted to like this product-thanks for the detailed overview 👍🏻

  8. He'll I'm Salvador tzib planning to buy the apex,48 pro keyboard stand but just want to know if it comes with the tote bag the boom mic and the boom atach ment thanks

  9. Having just bought the product off of Amazon (delivered sometime this afternoon), after fidgeting with this one for about 1/2 hr I was almost inclined to return it, but wanted to check out any reviews out there just in case. I have to say this is the best practical tutorial out there for this keyboard stand. Your video is practical and information. Thank you!

  10. We use this stand to make presentations to groups kind of as a lecture/podium. It’s cool – then we put a cutting board where the keyboard would go and put the computer on the cutting board. It’s pretty slick!

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