Using Help – Lexis Advance Quicklaw

Hello and welcome to the tutorial on how to use the help files in Lexis Advance Quicklaw. There are various ways to access the help files. From the black toolbar located at the top of the main page click on the more drop-down and select “Help”. A pop-up box will appear on your screen the help file will provide you with answers and additional information on how to effectively use Lexis Advance Quicklaw. Located on the upper right hand of the box is a search box. Start typing the key word of what you are looking for and the word wheel will appear to help you select an article. For example, type QuickCITE and it will suggest available articles that you can choose from. Select any of the suggested articles to link out to the relevant materials or article. If desired, you can also print the article or download in PDF or RTF format. Choose back to return to the previous page. Choose home to view broad categories of help topics. Selecting any of the links will provide you with more information on searching within Lexis Advance Quicklaw. Clicking the index will show help articles arranged alphabetically. Click tutorials to link to short videos on how to use the key features of Lexis Advance Quicklaw. Clicking on contact is the quickest way to see our hours of support and the email addresses for customer care and training. There are also help or learn more links located in the product that you can use for additional assistance. For more assistance please view our other tutorials or contact customer care

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