Vito is determined to help Camila and Fabio | TKB (With Eng Subs)

How was the seminar? Did you learn a lot? Dad. Mom. The seminar– Why did you lie to me? How did you find out? I told them. Miss Ichu told you about it? Did it not cross your mind that Emma could be
part of a syndicate? Come on, Elias. Now she has a new feud
with the Dela Torres. Elias, why do you keep
forcing yourself on that girl and
her problems?! I just wanted to find her.
Miss Ichu’s getting worried. You’re doing this for yourself! Elias, that girl
already rejected you. What do you see in her
that can make you lie to us? Aren’t you ashamed
of yourself? You even lied to
your own mother! You lied to me. I’m sorry for telling Aran
and your mother, Elias. We were just
worried about you. I’m really worried about Emma. What if something
happens to her? She’s safe. But we’re not sure of that. Elias, she’s safe. [PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] Hello? Vito, why do we have to
meet in secret like this? What do you know
about Primo Diablo? Primo Diablo? It’s a drug cartel
in South Africa. Why? They’re running a drug operation
here in the Philippines. That can’t be true. Primo Diablo is here
in Las Espadas! That’s impossible! I’m the chief of police here, and I have never
received any reports about any
drug operations here. I won’t allow them
to enter this town! They already have, Alejandro! And they’ve been here
for over two decades now! If what you’re saying is true, are you trying to imply
that I’m not doing my job? I’m not implying anything. I know you, Alejandro. You’re a good cop. All I’m saying is Primo Diablo
is here in Las Espadas. Don’t ask me how I found out. Let’s just do
something about it. Let’s help each other. Camila. Have you talked to him? Yes, and he agreed to help. I didn’t mention
anything about you. Are you sure about this,
Camila? We can trust Alejandro. He’s my cousin. We’ve known each other
since we were young. If anyone wants to bring down
the Dela Torres, it’s him. Will he really be of help? He’s the police chief,
yet he never sensed there’s a syndicate
in this town. Do you want his help or not? Fabio. We need their help.

35 thoughts on “Vito is determined to help Camila and Fabio | TKB (With Eng Subs)”

  1. I really admire Elias' love for Emma. full of secrets pero still, naghahanap siya ng kahit isang bagay to keep on trusting and loving Emma :(((

  2. May point din naman si Fabio. Chief siya ng Las Espadas pero walang alam na nakapasok na sa Las Espadas ang Primo Diablo.

  3. Hmm tignan natin kung magiging maganda story s mga susumod n panahon..

    Sino kaya asa likod ni camilla nun n kausap nung kapatid ni vito bago sya namatay..

  4. Sa mga susunod n araw ipapasok ulit nila si juan felipe.n nakatakas diba?….

    Baka maging kadenang ginto ito dami nagiging kalaban pero.kakampi unti at lagi nabubuko mga bida hahaha

  5. What if ka kontyaba ni luciano si chief? Baka kaya din naka lusot yung gusto pumatay ka camilla sa kulungan dahil may connection sila which is si chief

  6. Di ata uso kay Camilla ang private investigator sa sobrang yaman nila ba't di nya naisip yon. I-hire nya kaya ang teAmAgila para tulungan sya ano di yung tiwala siya sa iisang chief. Yung teamagila nga nailigtas ang presidente sya pa kaya HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  7. Yung wala ka nang maisip na title kay vito other than "vito wants to help camila and fabio" "vito is determined to help camila and fabio" "vito continues to help camila and fabio" hahaha. no offence though, napansin ko lang

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