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hello can you please introduce yourself how was the local coordinator and the support provided in country what was the most surprising thing you experienced in the program not just not just the academics but the whole program including graduation when you tell us about any surprises in your experience in the host family we really didn't know what to expect because we had talked to different volunteers but I have to say it was a wonderful experience because we had our own facility they voted and introduced the first night where we're going to be for two weeks it was just charming and then overfed us for the two weeks because the food was so delicious and plenty of it for us they treated us so warmly thank you what was the most surprising thing you experienced in Ghana what's the surprise because doing doing the two months before we came I mean I was Boston New York couple different places and I met so many people from Ghana that I had an idea of what the population with the culture was like but I was still so impressed when I actually came to the country because the people are just so gracious so caring and just want to make sure that you are having a good experience what most what was the most challenging thing you experienced in the program well before I came I was very nervous and I think my challenge was can I possibly make a difference in this country and it was it was wonderful because it was a wonderful introduction orientation into the program so from the first day the first few hours we were at the school we really had a good definition of what the school was about with what the children were about some history of the children in the area and it just made it so much easier and I guess the other challenge was the kid who nup the kids wouldn't like us and when we first came up what was the most challenging thing you experienced in the country you know everybody said it's but it's a poverty area so yeah I'm that was funny the first hour I was here if the matter was just people were just so happy where they were people were happy with what they were doing and and I think that was gonna be a real challenge because they really emphasized that before the program that you're going to go into an area and you're going to want to do things and here and it wasn't me try to do things there was people of God who were doing it any tips for future volunteers like clothing travel personal items the nation's we were here in August which was the end of the rainy season so the temperatures were very comfortable between 70 and 80 degrees my pants and capris shirts very comfortable and then just found some probably toiletries like you know some band-aids or stay bug spray Tylenol things that you might need and we were we were unfortunate that we told people we were coming they gave donations to us so we came with two hard suitcases of school supplies and books and everything so if you have an opportunity to think about that that that made us feel really good walking in can you tell us a pestilent paragraph about the experience you hadn't gathered okay now we know I was coming to a country I've never been before and I travel to to Europe but never into Africa and they kept telling us that the poverty typical telling is you know to be sure that we you know that that we come and try to do something and I guess my experience was this this exceeded any kind of experience I thought I was going to have completely I was worried the kids would like this I was afraid there with the language barrier between us I was afraid that we wouldn't be accepted we wouldn't be able to help those schools but Chadwick and his sister were just incredible and assimilating us into the program so that we really felt that we that we contributed and that's a one feeling how would you describe your accommodation and your meals it's not a complaint but Eugenia tried to just make so much food for us she served me what two or three people could eat so we tried to tell her great introduction we want to be immersed into the culture from the very beginning when we first came it wasn't the love we learned how to use what we learned how they really helped us did you feel secure to other program and so many people told me not to learn it's a wonderful area you feel see and as soon as we walked in and Chad Roth and Eugenia to share of us they even asked ordered us what we wanted to do our weekend excursions so never never felt threatened never ever felt unsafe thank you what was your favorite memory of the program favorite memory the children today whatever you did whether it was in a classroom it was hugging if it was playing patty-cake they were so open they were so great they things up so we did jumping rope and then we were able to take them to the beach for the first time and what was your favorite memory in the country really just experiencing God just experience it completely the country the people they Shadrach and eugenia introducing us foods cultures be patient with it's with a million questions we had that natives feel I mean Shadrach on the first day gave us a list of expressions that we practiced and when we were walking from the facility to volunteer facility to the school which was about 20 minutes we were actually saying to people I said and they would say yeah Fellaini with our machi good morning my dude aha that's a you know I mean it was such a nice introduction that we could communicate with the community how was the abroad of view supports prio troubling who helped you with emails phone calls and chattel 9 well thanks to Monica Co Meath who was all through his 48:1 this trip she did her master's capstone went on volunteering abroad and this agency kept them floating to the top and then she was with it and I have to say I didn't realize it was so much ain't going into a malaria area like you know as far as like what shots you need and all that stuff they were helpfully getting our visa for Ghana there were so many things that I hadn't even thought of I'm as worried about getting books and school supplies and they're saying ended and can't go unless you get this so and they were spontaneous if you had a question and you sent them an email they they responded like right away home did you find a broader view website and what key ways did you use how did I find it well actually as I said it was introduced to to a border view by Monica who had been many different agencies because we had a goal we wanted to volunteer a variety and this one this age is dis agency this particular agency a broader view kept on coming up as a really good agency so we have gone on the permanent on their website we have our own account with them the ethics that you're very responsive the date interval our questions would you like to talk to other potential ability volunteers that's what helped us because Monica had interviewed with so many people and then a broader view has so many YouTube people on the YouTube I'll start with the video that we watched those two to get an idea of what people were saying so if anyone were playing I would have no hesitation to talk to them about this experience thank you for bullying Trin with us

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