What Makes You So Attractive – Colossians 3:12-14

Colossians chapter 3 and our text today
will be verses 12 through 14 as we make our way through this epistle chapter by
chapter verse by verse I’ll have you turn there if you’re not there already
and once you do if you’re able I’ll ask you to stand you can follow along as I
read if not where you’re seated is fine so the Apostle Paul is writing by the
Holy Spirit and has just got done telling the church there in Colossae
what to take off and now he’s going to follow up with what to instead put on he
says verse 12 therefore as God’s chosen people holy and dearly loved clothe
yourselves with compassion kindness humility gentleness and patience bear
with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against
someone forgive as the Lord forgave you and verse 14 over all these virtues put
on love which binds them all together in perfect unity let’s pray if you would
join with me we’ll ask God’s blessing on our understanding loving Heavenly Father we need for You
at this time to settle our hearts and quiet our mind so we can give You our
undivided attention Lord we don’t want any distraction we don’t want any thing
to get in the way of us hearing and more importantly heeding what You have for us
in Your Word this morning so Lord will You as only You can and are always so
faithful to speak into our lives we ask You for this
in Jesus’ name Amen and Amen you could be seated thank you so I have
to confess I’ve been looking forward to this particular text that we have before
us today and I want to talk about something that the Lord has been
ministering to me in recent years concerning what makes us
attractive and certainly I’m not talking about the outward although I will say
you all look marvelous today outwardly of course man looks at
the outward appearance and we make certain judgments draw certain
conclusions based on the outward appearance of others but what I want to
talk about today is what the Apostle Paul is by the Spirit ever so
beautifully and I’ll even add eloquently referring to as inward
beauty in other words that which makes us attractive inwardly you know how it
is that some people you look at them outwardly and by any standard they would
be deemed handsome or attractive or beautiful but then they they talk and
you say to yourself oh my goodness how well I think you get the point
actually I just was reminded of a funny story about a husband and wife a
conversation they had the wife said something to the husband and the husband
responded and husbands don’t ever do this he responded with how can something
so stupid come out of someone so beautiful to which the wife responded as
only a wife can well honey God made me beautiful so you would marry me and God
made me stupid so I would marry you that was not in my notes and this is not
a teaching on marriage you’ll forgive the comparison of this expression but
it’s like Paul is saying dress for success you’ve heard that saying before
and again certainly that’s a reference to the outward but it’s as
if the Apostle Paul is saying inwardly dress for success put on these clothes
clothe yourself with Christ what follows are seven articles of spiritual clothing
if you will that we as Christians are to put on and wear and in so doing become
attractive to others inwardly the first one interesting compassion the question
I ask myself is why does Paul start with there’s seven in the list that he has
here but why is it that he starts with compassion I believe it’s because
compassion is so rare especially in the day and age in which we live
sadly being compassionate towards someone is so rare that when we show
compassion we show that we care people are taken back by it I don’t know if
you’ve ever heard this saying it’s actually one that I want to also talk
about when we get into our prophecy update today but it goes like this people won’t care how much you know
until they know how much you care and certainly this is true when it comes to
sharing our faith there’s something to be said about a genuine care and
compassion for others and it stands out doesn’t it even in the
church you know I’m just as guilty as the next guy when it comes to this
someone will ask you hey how you doing hey I’m great how are you doing you really want to know well I wasn’t
expecting that response what I was expecting was hey how are you doing hey
I’m blessed how are you doing I’m blessed too praise the Lord maybe the the greeting should go more
like this hey how are you really doing oh really how am I really doing uh you
really want to know I actually really do I really do want to know I really do
care well this kind of dovetails in to the second one and it’s that of kindness
I see kindness as being roommates with compassion truth be known kindness could
be a sermon unto itself I could take the entirety of our time together today in
God’s Word and just talk simply about kindness a kind word a kind act kindness
is very powerful can I say it that way I think about what Paul wrote to the
church in Rome it’s recorded in Romans 2 verse 4 he basically says this it’s the
kindness of God that leads to repentance it’s not the justice of
God the righteousness of God the commands of God no it’s the kindness of
God I’ll tell you one kind word and this is also something we’re going to be talking
about a little bit in our prophecy update is one of those teachings and it
doesn’t happen that often but when it does I take notice that where we’re at in
God’s Word is where we’re at you know what I mean by that
that’s because God’s Word is alive and active sharper than any two-edged sword
able to divide cut surgically between soul and spirit bone and marrow we live
in a day and age where words matter don’t they the words we speak oh would
to God that we would be among those that would have just a kind word to say to
somebody you know that saying I know you have I totally disagree with it it
goes like this sticks and stones may break my bones but
words will never hurt me are you kidding me sometimes an unkind word can cut
deeper and hurt more than something physical just being kind I imagine the Savior was so kind even
His tone of voice I think of all those times when He would say to the disciples
who were just I mean freaking out in the middle of a storm and full of doubt and
Jesus would just I believe with a very soft and kind tone in His voice say to
them why why is your faith so little when your God is so big I never imagined
Jesus speaking with this unkind tone oh ye of little faith no way
there was such kindness in the way that He acted and in the words that He spoke
this third one I guess it too could be a sermon unto itself humility I would
argue that humility is the most attractive trait in the life of a
Christian and again I think of how attractive and approachable
Jesus was because of His humility and His meekness so much so that children
flocked to Him you know what that tells me that tells me He wasn’t intimidated
intimidating His His countenance was such His demeanor His voice His personality if I can say it like that was such that even
little children were attracted to him tell me if you would agree with this
statement pride is repulsive and humility is attractive is it not true
that we are attracted to people who are humble when we get to the Proverbs which
we’re getting close we’re almost done with the book of Psalms on Thursday
nights in our study through the bible book by book and chapter by chapter and
verse by verse when we get to the book of Proverbs I can’t wait one of my
favorite books in the Bible along with all the other 65 books in the Bible but
particularly the book of Proverbs replete throughout the book of Proverbs
what you’ll find is that pride is repulsive He knows the proud from afar
He resists the proud get away from Me but He gives grace to the humble
He exalts the humble and He humbles the proud
there’s that one Proverb humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will
lift you up I have to share with you how that reads in the JDV in my version when
God speaks to me ever so clearly in His word goes like this humble yourself in
the sight of the Lord before He does it for you God oftentimes will find it necessary
to deem it fit to humble us in our exalted pride to me humility is the most
attractive trait in the life of a Christian by the way this is why it is
that we root for the underdog because isn’t the favorite so full of themselves I rarely refer to movies but I think of
the original Rocky movie I’m not talking about Rocky 28 how many are there now
but I’m talking about the original Rocky movie right and here’s Apollo Creed I am great
comes out with all the pomp and you know the you know all the bells and whistles
and then here comes Rocky Balboa I’m just so grateful to be in the ring with
the champion and I mean you find yourself just wanting Rocky to beat the
living daylights out of Apollo Creed right why because of the humility
humility is so attractive number four this is a biggy gentleness you know
sometimes when you want to have a better understanding of a word you need to look
at the antithesis or the opposite of the meaning of that word and the opposite of
gentleness is harshness gentleness is one of the most effective ways to win
people to Christ and again I would put it right next to kindness the Proverbs
again says that it’s a gentle word that breaks a bone
just a gentle spirit you know I have to confess that this one and the next one
which is patience which we’ll get to in a moment
just be patient till we get to patience but this was a struggle for me I have to
be very candid with you because I’m not one who is gentle when I really need to
be and this is really one of those traits and characteristics that applies
in every arena of life I think especially in the marriage relationship being a gentleman men a gentle man
gentlemen I want to be a gentleman a gentle man I want that to be something
that would describe how I parent my children I want it to be said of me and
whenever I do a memorial service it’s always that time I think about what
Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes about how it’s better to go to a memorial service
than it is to go to a party and the reason it is is because when you go to a
party I mean you’re not thinking about the brevity of life the fate of every
man and woman when you go to a memorial service you’re more prone to be
introspective and come face to face with the reality of the brevity of this life
and in a way and it’s a healthy to do I hope it doesn’t sound morbid it
should not be morbid but it’s a healthy thing to do to fast forward to your
memorial service should your death precede the rapture of the church and
I’ll explain what I mean by that what would they say at your memorial service
about you would they talk about how kind and gentle and humble you were in
Galatians 6 we’re told that it’s gentleness that
restores someone who is caught up in a sin we’re admonished exhorted to restore
them but to do so gently not harshly gently all right appreciate your
patience let’s talk about patience some of your translations render this as
long-suffering not a word we use much today
what is long-suffering mean well it basically and I know this is deeply
profound but it means to suffer long long-suffering to patiently suffer for a
long period of time with someone here again the opposite of patience impatience
come on don’t look at me all spiritual you’re just as impatient as I am
especially in traffic I actually prayed about this in traffic on the way here
this morning Lord should I use another traffic illustration from my own life
and I’m reluctant to do so because I I don’t want you to think that I’m not
walking in victory I mean the Lord is doing your work in me but here’s one
thing I’m learning about my own impatience you know what being impatient
says being impatient says my times more important than yours where I have to get
to is more important than where you have to get to so when you’re in a hurry and
you’re in traffic okay I’m going to use a traffic
illustration and someone cuts you off you can’t pass them and they go three
miles per hour below the speed limit it’s deliberate no I know it is listen
it’s intentional yeah don’t they know that I have to get to church I mean
after all I’m the pastor I need to get to church I’ve shared with you what my
recurring nightmare is right you know when you’re a kid the recurring
nightmare is that you show up at school in your pajamas you ever had those when
you were a kid you know what mine is my recurring nightmare is that I’m going to be
in traffic on my way to church somebody’s going to cut me off I’m going to
pass them and as I do I’m going to give them the look which by the way this is
why I do not have anything on my car that says you know Calvary Chapel Kaneohe
you know I don’t have a fish you know in case of rapture this car will be
unmanned I’ll have any of that maybe I should I would probably drive better but
my recurring nightmare is that I pass them and I give them the look and then I
just speed on by and I pull up to church and then put on the smile you
know I’m talking about right I mean you’re on your way to church and
I mean you would be hard-pressed to know you know that you’re a Christian and
then you pull into the parking lot oh my goodness
praise the Lord and then as I pull in and park the car that cut me off the
driver that I gave that look to pulls in right next to me that’s the Lord impatience comes when we think more
highly of ourselves than we are we think our time is more important so we go to
the grocery store and the line you know the express line do you do this I have
to confess I just did this this last week I was really in a hurry and the
line for the Express line I think it’s up to 15 items now it didn’t used to be
ten I guess it depends on this store some are 10 some are 15 so I just counted
how many items they had in their because it looked like more than 15 to me not
that I would have said anything could you imagine you’ve got 17 items in there
get out of this line you can’t be in this line hey wait a minute
I’ve seen you before aren’t you the pastor at that church there in number six forgiveness this too could be another sermon unto
itself for what I think would be deemed obvious reasons actually it ties in to
the seventh and final one which is love which we’ll talk about in a moment but I
think about that parable that Jesus taught it’s recorded in Luke’s Gospel
chapter 7 and let me kind of give you the the back story of what’s going on
here this woman very sinful past very sinful past shows up at this place where
Jesus is at and having dinner where He was invited and she makes her way to Him
and she starts to weep just I mean I guess maybe uncontrollably and bitterly
and is washing His feet with her tears and wiping His feet with her hair and
then she takes this alabaster box which you have to understand in that culture
and in that day they would save up all of their lives some commentators believe
that an alabaster box with this perfumed oil would be valued at what would be one
year’s worth of wages that’s how expensive it was and you would save up
and add to it for your burial this is in the days before embalming and you would
save up this fragrant oil for your own death
talk about your memorial service right so she takes
her alabaster box that is filled with this very expensive and very aromatic
oil and she breaks it and she anoints Jesus with this oil as if to be
anointing Him for His death and burial very interesting typology actually in
that whole account true story by the way now the guys that were there first of
all they’re incensed they’re just I mean this is this is unthinkable and
they say to themselves this is interesting because Jesus can read our
minds right I love it when you read in the Gospels they said to themselves
they thought to themselves and then Jesus says hey I can read your mind and
and they said to themselves thought to themselves if this man were really a
prophet he would know who this woman was this is a woman that has a past doesn’t He
know how sinful she was is Jesus reads their minds he says hey I want to tell you a
story there’s these two guys debtors one guy and I’ll try to bring it into modern
date terms to understand he owes this guy $100 and you have
another guy he is in debt for 100 million dollars now the guy that owes
100 million dollars goes to his master and the master forgives him of
his debt for 100 million dollars here’s this other guy he goes to his master he
owes him $100 that master says you know what I’m going to forgive you of your $100
debt you no longer owe me $100 now get this the guy that was forgiving of the
hundred dollars goes to the guy that owes him money and says you need to pay
me and then the master that he owed the hundred dollars to says excuse me I just
forgave you of $100 and this guy owed you $10 you’re demanding that he pay you
the $10 he compares these two and he says of the one who owed the 100 million
dollars as opposed to the one who owed the $100 he says which one do you think
is going to be more grateful well of course the one who was forgiven of 100 million
dollars and then Jesus says this exactly you want to know why because the one who
has been forgiven of much loves much and conversely the one who has been forgiven
of little loves little well that segues into our seventh how
appropriate is this 7 the number of completion this completes it notice Paul
says over all these virtues put on love it binds them all together in perfect
unity the other six they’re all brought together and held
together in perfect unity love love covers a multitude of sins I would
suggest that not only does love hold them all together it’s love that
produces them in the first place I want to close with a very familiar
passage in the book of Galatians again this time chapter 5 you know it well verses 22 and 23 the fruit singular of
the Holy Spirit the fruit of the Spirit is love now from the fruit of love
here’s what it produces more fruit joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control against such there is no law did you
notice that this is basically the list that Paul has here in Colossians almost
verbatim in other words were to put this on how what does that look like how do
we practically put on gentleness kindness meekness patience all of the
above how do we do that it’s the how of the Holy Spirit that enables us and
empowers us do the what of the Holy Word there is no
way that you and I can do this apart from the indwelling and the
empowering of the Holy Spirit to try is to have plastic fruit and people will
see right through it would you agree you can’t manufacture
you can’t fake it you can try but people are going to sniff out in sincerity there’s
a genuine authentic love that comes by way of the Holy Spirit I’ll close with
this one story from my own life actually another marriage one if you don’t mind early in our marriage I made this
comment to my wife and I thought it was so profound and so sincere and so you
know authentic and I said to her this I said honey I love you with the love
that only God can give I’m just waiting for the oh (heart sign) I’m just waiting for the embrace
and the kiss and oh I love you so wonderful what a wonderful loving you are
that’s not what happened she says to me in response this
you mean to tell me that you cannot muster up any love in and of
yourself that the only way you can love me I’m so unlovable that the only way
you can love me is if God gives you a love for me I’m like what can I wives how
do you do that how what no how can something so I didn’t say that though it would
have been true I’m sorry obviously my wife is not in this service so I can get
away with it but if you really think about it that is the truth whenever I do
a wedding which I really enjoy doing weddings I always look at the husband
the groom more than I do the the bride because really the onus is on him you
know because the Apostle Paul in Ephesians talks about husbands loving your wives
love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her love
your wives as you love yourself love your wives as you love and cherish your
own body I mean three times he says to the husband love your wife he
doesn’t say it one time to the wife doesn’t say to the wife love your
husband that’s not the problem you know he says to the wife it’s very simple is
very short three times husbands love your wife husbands love your wife
husbands love your wife wife respect your husband what yeah so I say to the
groom I guess I should say it depends on the groom if I know him well enough
I’m very you know we’ve already talked about it prior but I’ll say to them the
only way you can love her that much is by the power of the Holy Spirit of God
that gives you that love that’s kind of a tall order
wouldn’t you agree they always go like that yeah the only way you can love her
as Christ loved the church is with the love that God has given you for her
let’s pray Father in heaven thank You Lord I thank You for this list of seven
characteristics of inward beauty and I pray Lord that the Holy Spirit in us
would enable us to put these on in Jesus’ name Amen

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    Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

    Psalm 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

    Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

    Hebrews 13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

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