What’s in a Store-Bought Everyday Carry Bag?

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>>This episode of the Modern Rogue ( caption revisions in progress )
brought to you by Roman.>>Go to getroman.com/rogue
and get a free online visit and free two day shipping.>>Look man I was around in the ’90s, the question is, is it a
belly bag or a fanny pack? I don’t understand what the difference is.>>Whatever your style
is, you rock it Brian.>>Why isn’t it in fluorescent pink? That’s what I don’t understand.>>Speaking of the 90s
it’s just loaded with pogs. It’s all pogs.
[laughter]>>So how everyday carry
is an everyday carry? Should this be on my side
like a hip flask at all times?>>If you want to look like a weirdo like you’re going into
combat or something.>>Okay we’ve settled that>>Yeah I would say
that you just keep this under the seat of your
car or in your glove box or something like that. It’s clearly like a backpack for an Ewok or something like that, for a very small person.>>Okay so we unboxed a
bug out bag a while ago and all of that was for
a very specific purpose. [distorted radio sounds] The whole world is disastrous
and you just want to get the heck out of there
and be able to survive. How does an everyday carry
kit differ from that?>>Everyday carry could
mean a lot of things, it depends on what the use is for. Is it going to be
something where you escape in an urban environment? Is it going to be where
you’re in the woods? Is it meant to just be something for EMTs packed with medical gear
and stuff like that? So you can customize them
for whatever you want.>>It’s funny because I carry
a backpack with me most places and there is sort of an
EDC aspect to all that but my guess is there’s probably
no USB flash drives in here>>Yeah, this is a pre-made
one, as is this one, clearly this is not something that Jason Murphy would be carrying
>>I don’t know looks very Jason Murphy to me. So what’s the difference
between these two kits.>>Well this one is more
of a generalized EDC kit. There’s going to be some first
aid stuff, some emergency stuff. While this Molly bag here,
this one is more for first aid specifically, as indicated
by the red cross.>>I never thought of EDC as
being a first aid kind of thing. I thought it was stuff
that whatever your job is, whatever your lifestyle is,
stuff that you need to have on you all day every day. First aid kit doesn’t, to
me, feel like something that I would carry around all the time.>>Yeah because we’re modern rogues and we usually don’t worry about safety and that kind of thing
>>There is that, you’re not wrong. [laughter]>>Let’s see what you got in here.>>Well first of all we got
a carabiner that you think “Oh that’ll be really useful to climb,” and then it says “Not for climbing,” so I guess that’s for putting
all your friendship rings on. Just seeing an emergency
blanket, that always feels like, “Why am I lugging around an
emergency blanket at all times? “Am I afraid, here in Texas, “that I’m going to get emergency
cold at any given time?”>>We’ve answered that
question. Predators.>>Okay, you’re right. You’re right.>>BRIAN: Okay, yup, there you are.>>JASON: [laughs]>>BRIAN: I mean, real
clear with my eyes right?>>What is that? We have a thing that clasps onto a thing.>>We’re going to have
to look that one up.>>This one I do know, this is
paracord emergency bracelet. You are able to, if
you’re out in the woods, you take the bracelet, you unravel it, and you have plenty of
paracord to create a shelter. Oh, this looks like a ferrocerium rod. Yeah! Which by the way, in the bug out bag, I think we didn’t recognize that the side of that orange tube had a
ferrocerium rod on there. We’ve since become much more savvy.>>Let’s heat this up and
then throw it on the floor, see what happens.>>Yup, I’m on it. Look at that! I’m going to
burn down the HQ! [laughs]>>You’re totally going
to set the rug on fire! Let’s just do this for about
20 minutes, that’ll be fun.>>Don’t you tempt me,
this would be a fine video. Eight hours of Brian striking
a ferrocerium rod! [laughs] I assume this is a flashlight. This looks like a tactical
flashlight without batteries. What?>>I guess it’s not ready to go.>>Why would you not have batteries in your tactical flashlight?>>JASON: Are there
batteries in there at all?>>BRIAN: There’s not.
>>JASON: Doesn’t look like it>>This is actually the first
warning we should come up with is if you buy an EDC, don’t
assume that it’s all ready to go you got to get hands on and
modify it to your tastes. Oh I know what this is
>>That looks familiar>>BRIAN: Yeah!
>>JASON: Tactical pen!>>BRIAN: This is very
similar to the lock-proof pen that we have over at Scam Stuff. So you do have a pen,
you can write with it, it’s got this tool that is
designed to smash open windows, which we need to test out
on the car over there, not that we’re playing
favorites, all I know is that on the lock-proof pen,
not only is there that, there’s also a crenulation attack tool so that you can self defense
and bash someone’s head with it and if you open it up there’s
a bunch of lock picks in there but that’s not this one. This is a fine tactical pen, it’s just no lock proof pen.>>I think we should use
the lock proof pen on…>>Gary?>>Dave. His name’s Dave.>>BRIAN: Oh [laughs] I
didn’t know you were pointing at the dummy, I thought you
meant an actual human being.>>No not you Dave, actually Gary. [beep]ing Gary.>>Oh man, sweet ass knife. Yeah you could cut right
towards your thumb.>>That’s actually very effective, it’s a very effective thumb cutter.>>[gasps] How loud do you think this is?>>Oh, let’s find out! [piercing whistle] Very loud. That’s good.
>>My ears are ringing [piercing whistle]>>Sorry Bryce. [laughter]>>Sorry, I feel bad.>>JASON: I’m very sorry.>>Here’s another carabiner because I guess you need a redundant
array of independent carabiners>>Maybe you want to get it
swinging so everybody knows it’s got your carabiner.>>BRIAN: Oh! We know what this is. It’s a saw that’s a chain, we were using this to
saw through stuff before.>>JASON: You could
probably cut small trees or maybe through, I don’t know, zip ties.>>Here let me just>>Very effective!>>BRIAN: Holy cow that was really fast!>>I wonder how long it would
take to remove someone’s hand. In case of an injury.>>BRIAN: Maybe we can
get Bill Duran to come out and make us a fake hand.>>Fake hand, right, okay.>>BRIAN: Here we go, this is a multitool covered in paracord that you
could use for a bunch of stuff. I got to tell you, a lot
of this doesn’t feel to me like an everyday carry thing. To me the heart of an everyday carry is stuff that you will
use every single day. None of these, I think I
would use every single day.>>Not even the knife or the pen?>>Maybe the knife and certainly the pen but outside of that these are
all for special occasions. It’s almost a miniature bug out bag. Now if you told me it’s
a miniature bug out bag I’m 100% all in, but everyday carry I just don’t know how
much of this I would use on a day to day basis.>>Yeah it is very survival,
[beep]-hits-the-fan scenario kind of stuff. You could find a lot of uses for these but you couldn’t find a
lot of uses for these. I couldn’t find a lot of uses for these.>>All right, things missing from this: a pocketbook of pornography, 3 USB drives, a lightning cable, a battery charger>>The complete Dark Tower Collection.>>A bunch of pirated audio books. A 2006 iPod, iPod Shuffle.>>Some Spiderman graphic novels>>Replacements for your earbuds, those little things that pop off the ends, the rubber gaskets. Now we’re talking about an everyday carry. All right what do you got?>>Now this one’s more first aid oriented. This one’s going to be
a lot more practical, probably something that more people would find general use of. We got an emergency
trauma bandage in here. You want to open this
up? Let’s open it up. If only we had a knife. Is there a thing?>>BRIAN: So is this what? Super absorbent like you have a gunshot and you just wrap that around
and it absorbs everything?>>JASON: So in here
we’ve got, oh, of course a little pocket knife with some other–>>BRIAN: Now I like this one more because it’s got such a low profile. This one is a big beast
that you’re kind of showing off to your friends
playing Counter-Strike but this one is one that I
would actually keep on me.>>This one’s got some flair right? And this one’s just more practical. We have what looks to be
the exact same flashlight.>>BRIAN: Somebody sourced from
the same aliexpress account. Open it up, open it up. I bet there’s no battery. Why would they sell these
things with no batteries?>>JASON: Fail. Well maybe they sit on the shelf and if you get a battery sitting
on the self for too long.>>Then the would go bad,
yeah I could see that.>>JASON: Some glowsticks for if you find a rave in the woods!>>That’s right!>>JASON: Which, that happens, you know? Okay what else we got here? This is packed with stuff. That’s one of the things about these EDCs. Sometimes packing them
is just a work of art.>>Yes and of course you ruin it the moment you take everything
out and do inventory. In fact here, while you’re doing that I’ll try to see if I can
possibly pack everything back in, there’s no way.>>I’m going to tell you right now, once this episode is done, this
is getting dumped in a box. We’re going to keep it, this
is going to be in a box. Okay, what do we have here? What is this? I have a blue thing here.>>BRIAN: A blue thing?
>>JASON: Yup! It’s a pool floaty>>BRIAN: No.>>This is called a quick saver? Is it for food?>>I believe that is a vacuum sealed bag>>Mouth to mouth resuscitation device. So you don’t get somebody’s cooties on ya>>Okay, Red Cross does
not advise anybody do mouth to mouth anymore, they
say just chest compressions>>Correct.>>That whole thing is just to
protect yourself from cooties?>>Yeah you don’t want
somebody yarfing in your mouth.>>Dumb. That’s dumb, that’s dumb. I don’t like it.>>Okay. [laughter] Get out of here. Medical tape, and looks
like some sting relief pads. That’s actually pretty useful considering all the
insects we’ve got out here.>>BRIAN: Hold on, hold on.>>JASON: Do you need to stand on it?>>BRIAN: Hold on, hold on, I may, I may, hold on. [laughter] Hold on.>>JASON: Get it, get it. Waiting for that click.>>Hold on. [laughter] Ah! There’s going to be a disaster
and I’m going to open this and it’s going to be like I opened
a fake jar of peanut brittle and snakes are just going to fly out except they’re razor blades.>>Oh my god.>>Got it.>>Maybe we should put like,
“Do not open,” on there>>Who needs a tote? like this is all you, I don’t understand.>>If you’re not going to carry a purse, carry a black velvet bag,
or a crown royal bag.>>I would put my gold dubloons in this so that I can hire assassins
to find the girl or whatever.>>I’ve actually seen you carrying arout a bag full of dubloons so
>>Yes okay that’s a real thing>>JASON: Safety pins, and
then we’ve got another–>>BRIAN: Dude I think
that is an exact version of the all access card. Yup this it the exact all access card that we have at Scam Stuff, which can be useful because
it’s got blades on the side, the serrated edge you’re
able to use as a saw, you have measuring,
and of course hex nuts, and of course the bottle opener. To be honest I use it mainly
for the bottle opener.>>Of course you do. [laughs] Scissors.>>BRIAN: How are there
no scissors in this?>>JASON: Another
ferrocerium striking rod. This thing. Oh is it a whistle? [whistling] It is a whistle, cool.>>It’s got that British
sound where it’s just like [whistling]
Guv’nor, stop! [whistling]>>Stop or I shall say stop again!>>Sherlock, come! [whistling]
>>The game is afoot!>>Another, another>>Yup, paracord. Another paracord thing. First aid blanket, again.>>BRIAN: They love
those first aid blankets.>>JASON: Oh a poncho! This is a trash bag, let’s be honest.>>Actually that’s good advice man. A lot of this you could find
just in most urban environments like a trash bag. What you want is to stop the
water from getting on your body Looks good.>>Feels good. Yeah?
>>Yeah.>>All right. What do we got here? Some gauze. We’re getting to the bottom here. Tweezers. I bet I know what this is. Multitool.>>BRIAN: Oh that’s not bad. That’s a decent looking multitool. Yeah that’ll do.>>It’s pretty good.>>What’s the difference
in price between these two?>>This one runs $31 and
this one runs about $45.>>I would say for the value
you get a lot more stuff but the trade off is, it’s a
much bigger, clunkier thing.>>It is, but it is packed with stuff we’ve got some Q-tips in
there, we’re still going. Lots of little pockets, what is this here? First aid gloves, of course, waterproof sterile bandages. Let’s see, cotton wool ball, Bandage, wound dressing, wound dressing, sterile gauze pads, burn dressing.>>BRIAN: I got to tell you Jason when we did the bug out bag, we thought that was a
really good starting point that somebody should buy and then modify for
their bug out experience but these just feel like I don’t know, low rent first aid kits. I feel like, and we don’t often do this, I feel like we should
turn it completely over to the Rogue fans out there, like what should the Modern
Rogue’s everyday carry kit be? Because to me everyday carry
is stuff you’re going to use every single day and you’re
going to want to have available at all times.>>Well think about this,
we got the three pillars, the modern rogue, the gentlemen, the scoundrel, and the warrior, each of those EDCs are
going to be different.>>Oh that’s good. All right so that’s the
game, that’s the challenge to all you guys. First of all let’s offer
our judgment on these, worth the money or no?>>Maybe not for this one,
it depends on your lifestyle. I think this one is more
generally applicable and probably something that someone, that anyone, should have on hand. There’s really everything you need here, just about, for emergency medical care.>>I think that’s the only bummer, is that this is very appropriate for emergencies but we’re not having
emergencies every single day.>>Good point.>>Treat this like a first
aid kit, have it around, but to me an everyday carry should be filled with stuff
that you’re using all the time>>They’ve got the glowsticks for the rave [hummed rave sounds]>>All right you know
what, I take it all back. It’s fantastic.>>It’s great, yeah. We’ve got the Molly, which is not what I thought I was ordering and we’ve got the glow sticks>>All right you guys could
do better at home, tell us.>>So last month was the first time that we did one of these Roman spots about erectile dysfunction and I was shocked at the
comments that were like, “Why are you advertising for this?” The answer couldn’t be more because boners are rad! Everybody who wants a
boner should have one. That’s our controversial take.>>Yeah and a lot of
people over the age of 50 experience it and some
people under the age of 50 experience it and 75% of
the people who experience erectile dysfunction don’t seek treatment and it’s so easy to get it treated now.>>I don’t even blame them man, because that’s awkward as hell, it’s like you’re there
for your cholesterol, your blood pressure–>>You just want to slide
a note across the table to your doctor>>I imagine somebody’s
trying to be coy like, “Oh my willow is weepy?”
[laughter] And he’s like, “Cool story bro, “anyway, bye.”>>There’s nothing to be ashamed of and it is so easy to fix. If you go to Roman, you don’t
have to go into the doctor, they get you FDA approved
medicine from a licensed doctor>>Is the important part, real medicine from real doctors, getroman.com/rogue they get you setup so you can
take care of that thing, man.>>Free online visit and
free two day shipping. What’s the problem? Do it!>>Boners are great though.>>Yeah, Al. [laughter]>>We also get something else.>>It’s true.>>Man Offscreen: Get off my case dad. [laughter]>>We left that in didn’t we?>>Yeah. We did.
[claps]>>It’s increasingly just about my dad.

100 thoughts on “What’s in a Store-Bought Everyday Carry Bag?”

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  2. I definitely agree that "EDC" means different things to different people. I live in New York City, so if I had to put together an EDC, this is what I'd probably include:

    – USB charging cell / cable (in case the phone dies)

    – Ear buds (when you want to hear music instead of that 20-something complaining that their company doesn't provide organic fruit for the office)

    – Ear plugs (I know this is a little weird and potentially dangerous, but they've honestly come in handy for me; especially while waiting in particularly loud subway stops where you have to listen to 3 trains grinding by every minute)

    – Breath mints (never know who you'll end up talking to in close quarters)

    – Metal water bottle (because…you know…hydration and stuff)

    – A crisp $20 (NOT stored in your wallet, in case you lose said wallet, your cards don't work, etc)

    – Some singles / a handful of coins (at the ready to give to panhandlers / beggars if you so choose)

    – Pepper spray (a little self defense never hurts)

    – Pocket knife (could be used for self defense if you're confident with one)

    – Your Rogue's Ring (when you're writing a YouTube comment and want to pander to Brian and Jason)

  3. Us girls have a huge advantage, my EDC is a purse, so I can have all sorts of shit in my EDC and not look like a werido carrying around that ugly bag

  4. I would assume they wouldn't put batteries in a bag that is suppose to last a long time in one place till needed.

  5. I think the idea of an EDC bag focuses around it being a bag that is carried and not a bag that is used everyday. Hence the name, Every Day "Carry." With most of these bags, you'll most surely be finding things that you won't need on a day to day basis. If, God forbid, something does happen to you, or someone around you, you'll have that bag that you never thought you'd use. Think of it as a concealed carry weapon. You don't carry that weapon with the intention of using it everyday, it is more of a safety measure, so that "in case" something does happen, you have that weapon nearby.

  6. EDC should be ON you I.E. in your pocket or on your belt; a GOOD multitool, fire (a bic lighter), a keyring torch, some paracord, a keyring tourniquet, some plasters and a few panadol/ibuprofen.
    Get home bag (1st aid[in a separate bag] + shelter, saw, fixed blade, water purification/carrying, maps, and a bit of food, good shoes and socks) should be in the car.
    GOOD bag at home.

  7. personally i always think of there being two different kinds/tiers of "EDC" — the kind of stuff you would have on your person every day, just general use stuff you'll always need, like a writing implement, keychain flashlight (i really like the Nitecore Tube), pocket knife, flash drive, and whatever else someone might need for a job — and then the kind of stuff you'd keep in your car or maybe in your backpack that you would want to have in an emergency or SHTF situation, like the ferrorod, thermal blanket, poncho, survival multitool, pocket saw, perhaps some lockpicks, etc.

    and imo, everyone should always have at least some kind of first aid kit, even a very basic one in their car/backpack at all times. could save a life, or at least save someone from a nasty infection. 😛

  8. im 100% with brian on this one. edc is every day carry, its what you carry every day!! this is some kind of mini bug out bag. you dont buy edc "kits", you just acquire what you need and discard what you dont. where we differ is a lot of the stuff i carry i dont NEED everyday. my edc is more survivalist stuff.

    my edc: rr pocket; pocket knife (similar ot the one in the first kit from what i could see) and tactical pen. not because its a tactical pen, but because its in my back pocket, and a plastic pen gets broke when i sit on it.

    lr pocket; wallet with ids, cc's, cash, a small diy hook lock pick and tension wrench and a universal key measurer (all in wallet)

    rf pocket: main keys (house, work, truck) loose change

    lf pocket: backup keys (a few garages, out buildings, ect) small flashlight, lighter (dont smoke), and a paper towel or hankercheif (in case allergies strike)

    hip; pistol – cargo pocket; phone.

    mainly only ever use the pen, knife, keys, cash and phone consistently every day.

  9. 9:03 correction red cross doesn’t recommend the use of rescue breaths for anyone that has less than a BLS CPR certification or if there is less than 2 Rescuers because uninterrupted compression only CPR achieves better blood flow. With 2 rescuers one can give compressions while the other gives rescue breaths via mouth to mouth a ball valve mask or other means witch achieves little to no downtime between compressions.

  10. I carry in my edc. My phone. A pocket knife. My wallet. A bandana. My blue tooth headset. A tarus g2c in 9mm and a single action 22 mag.

  11. The number 1 EDC item for a Modern Rogue is a walking cane. It covers all the bases; Gentleman – canes are classy af. Warrior – it's a big stick you can hit people with. Scoundrel – it's a weapon that you can legally carry just about everywhere.

  12. So I witnessed a head on collision about a couple of months ago. It was the car right in front of me, the GF was with me. It got me thinking. So I started to put together a hemorrhage kit. Got a CAT tournaqute, emergency pressure bandage, and EMT sheers in it currently. Going to add hemostatic gauze and a cpr mask. I wanted it to be for on body carry, because in a situation that I would need these items, they would be useless to me in the car. In regard to the flashlight that were in both kits, i believe that you should also carry a flashlight at all times, I've heard it described as the only self defense tool, that can be used preemptively without legal ramifications. Also, if carrying a flashlight for self defense, one with a dedicated strobe function would be my choice. You dont want to have to fidget with modes to get to your disorientating flasher.

  13. Like I said on the BOB-video, don't buy these cheap kits. Make your own. It may seem daunting, but it only has to work for you, and you can change your mind all you want.

    Mainly, I'd say you should start with what you carry already, and add things as you find that you need them, or remove stuff you find that you don't need. Trial and error.
    Do you get a bit peckish between lunch and getting home from work/school? Add a snack.
    Do you find that your phone battery isn't enough to last a day? Add a powerbank and a charger.
    Do you have a lot of insects where you live? Add bug spray.
    Does it rain a lot? Add an umbrella, or a poncho.

    Most importanty, I'd say to get quality gear. Not EXPENSIVE, but QUALITY. I carry an Opinel knife, they are good quality, but not expensive at all. A Leatherman multitool is a bit pricy, but I bought a Wave for the equivalent of about $100 about six years ago, and I'm confident I could eventually pass it onto a grandchild.

  14. My EDC as a bike courier: 10000 mAh powerbank, universal connectors (for friends with the other type of phone), wall outlet usb charger, usb-c to 3.5 mm jack, emergency headphones, emergency rubber headphone tips. Bike multi tool, spare inner tyre, outer tyre lifters, puncture patches, puncture solution, pocket pump, chain tool, spare missing chain links. Rain pants (jacket is already waterproof). Two emergency muesli bars (outside normal food i would take, to counter a bonk). Two small plastic bags, to use over my socks into my shoes to keep feet warm and dry when it's wet and cold. Emergency gloves, neck/head warmer, cap.

  15. Note book and pen should be in every Modern Rogues EDC. A place for tasting notes for the gentleman. A tool for secret ciphers for the scoundrel. An improvised weapon for the warrior. All bases covered. Hope to see something cool in the scam stuff store in the near future.

  16. Protip for CPR: the "right" way to do it changes like annually. I've been trained on it 3 different times and not once was it the exact same way as another. Just do your best at whatever way you were trained. It's better than doing nothing.

  17. Phone, wallet, keys (with mini leatherman keychain), cigs, lighter, utility (razor) knife, regular pocket knife, notebook, and pen.

  18. always: keys phone walle. Always in car: Leatherman (or gerber), cables or charger now a days, tire inflator, tool case…. um

  19. I think the CPR mouthpiece is a very important piece of equipment.
    You will not use it a lot but it means the difference between life or death.
    Also the space blanket can be used to reflect heat from a fire, hold water, make emergency shelter and obviously treat hypothermia.
    I think those are two very important things in a edc kit or even just to leave in your car.
    Then a flashlight, multi tool, knife, rope, maby a beanie and gloves, lighter and/ or fire starter and I find a powerbank very usefull

  20. My EDC
    Wallet, gshock watch with a compass function, consealed pistol, leatherman multi tool, on my keys a multi purpose keychain that can cut open boxes and open a bottle, and do some basic screw jobs. When I am at work my keys switch to a box cutter on a string retractor for quick access(I work in a warehouse), if u want to consider what I keep in my car I also have a basic tool set and jumper cables. This is the EDC that I have built around my life, those EDC packs seem gimmicky to me.

  21. The emergency blanket are for when you go in shock not for the outside temperature and EDC is stuff you cary every day not use every day just like you would carry your bug out bag everywhere

  22. The reason there was no batteries is because the law around shipping batteries changed, batteries need to be shipped as hazmat. This costs a lot more money and companies would rather keep the costs down by excluding batteries.

  23. My personal everyday carry is a velvet pouch of chocolate coins. You'd be surprised how much a little bit of chocolate comes in handy.

  24. I like how you listed different currencies on screen I live in England mostly unboxing videos just ha e price in USD and I have to work out how much it is.

  25. Those straps he said made it look like a backpack is something called a molle strap. We use it to attach our magazines and Canteens to plate carriers. If anyone was wondering

  26. With the emergency blanket. Dont think so much about the warm weather but more so you would be able to help treat shock. Speaking of taking off someone's hand! Lol

  27. So for me, who I would consider a defender and warrior, an edc is at least one tourniquet, quick clot, gauze, chest seals (min of 2, entry and exit), knife (I currently carry sog folding kiku), gun (p320 x-carry with +2 basepads for 20rds in gun), extra magazine (also plus 2), pen, cell phone. The medical supplies fit perfectly in a back pocket if in the right pouch and the gun is carried appendix in a trex sidecar holster with the spare magazine.

  28. My edc is:
    Handgat with a light mounted on it and a spare mag
    Streamlight protac 2L-X flashlight
    Pocket knife
    Pocket trauma kit (sof-t wide tourniquet, quickclot gauze, gloves, duct tape, chest seals)
    Leatherman sometimes on my belt, usually only when I'm working tho

    The single most important thing to carry (besides knowledge and skills) is a trauma kit. If you need a flashlight you can grab your phone, knife you can knaw and saw at it or find it, all that stuff can be improvised poorly with no real consequence. But when your buddy gets clipped by a car and his femur snaps and punctures his femoral artery, that's not the time to be fucking around with an impromptu tourniquet. When your kid impales his lung on a piece of rebar, that's not the time to be scrambling for dorito bags and the packing tape you think you left in the trunk to make a chest seal. If you want to learn more, google "Stop the Bleed" and you will find an awesome program that you can learn the basics from. If you want gear, Dark Angel puts together some of the best kits on the market and offers all sorts of classes.

  29. EDC is not supposed to be kits like this. It's just the things you carry on your person everyday. You're dead on that everyday carry should mostly be items you could use on a daily basis.

    Here's an example of what I typically carry. Wallet, keys, and cell phone are the ones everyone carries. Cell phone being the most important as it can serve as maps, a library of books, music and movies, a flash light, and on and on. I also carry a multi tool, a pocket knife, a pen, a pad of paper (in my back pocket to look like a wallet), and a flashlight. From that base, a gentleman should add a Kleenex pack, more accessible bottle opener than the Multi tool, and breath mints. Scoundrel can keep a small lock picking kit on their person easy enough. Warrior, firearm is easy to conceal, but if that's not your thing, there's defense tools that you can keep on your belt or in your pockets. Make sure the pocket knife you have you can easily operate with one hand, and pepper spray is also an option, albeit one better for retreat.

  30. The face sheild was great back when mouth to mouth was the way to go, im a volunteer firefighter and ems and if u have someone from a car accident or anything at all that may need cpr allot of the times theres either blood or vomit or other bodily fluids involved.

  31. Scoundrel EDC
    5 Bandaids
    A VHS tape to make you feel old
    1 Compressed Towel (Yes this is real)
    Extra $100 dollar bill for emergencies.

    Optional Items
    10oz of Whiskey
    1 pack of cigarettes
    5oz of Whisky & 1/2 a pack of cigarettes

  32. The way I've seen it is the EDC bag is supposed to be emergency supplies to get you through to your bug out if it's impractical to have it with you. Just enough to handle emergencies until you can get your full kit and follow your action plan.

  33. I generally keep a multi tool and knife on my belt and then some spare bandaids in my wallet for random cuts. Then I do have paracord on my watch if i need a few feet

  34. 7:32 is an Israeli Bandage. It is a pressure bandage that could be tightened to the point of being a tourniquet, but it is not meant to be one. You put the pad over an extremity wound, put the tail through the clip and tightly wrap the tail around backwards to put pressure on a wound.

  35. To me, an EDC item should be not just something you know you're probably actually going to use every day, but also items that you absolutely know you would not want to be without if needed. I don't need a first aid kit every day, but I obviously want to have one on hand when I do. I personally edc a good quality pocket knife, a pen, a card-shaped multitool, and a concealable compact handgun. In my truck I keep a first aid kit, a bigger multitool, a flashlight, a dc-powered air compressor, a tire patch kit, some potable water, a spare cell phone, a compass, pencil and paper, and a larger full-size handgun. It doesn't really get very cold here or I'd probably also have some thermal blankets.

  36. I think the thoughts of an EDC "bag/kit" in this video is misconstrued or a little out of focus, the point is in case of an emergency or a necessity of need…..
    i carry a 3 day pack in my trunk and a "boo boo kit" as some might call it, one is in a event of a crisis; a means to survive to make it home and the other is in the event of an accident, I can render help to someone or my self.
    As a first responder I've seen on and off the job more accidents I care to think of, and the reason red cross revised the act of giving breaths and to start compressions is to oxygenate the brain and limit the contact of fluids with out a barrier and to eliminate belly fill (improper breaths to the lungs).
    there were many vital things in both kits but a lot of not so thought out items placed in both kits which makes me think it was just thrown together just to make money, I would use the three simple rules of survival to put a kit together……food, shelter, and water that's to survive and to maintain health……..stop the bleed, stay warm, and stay hydrated and you could always go further with both kits.
    one way is to protect your self and love ones but that's on another topic………it's just a good idea to be prepared, you'll never know when and if you'll ever need help.

  37. I have an EDC that I made nearly 1 year ago. I have a lot of things that I might use on a daily basis, such as nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, medication, bandages etc. However, an EDC is more about something you carry every day IN CASE something goes wrong. My family goes camping, target shooting (guns and bows), and we cut trees down in remote areas. If someone got injured (shot, axe to the knee, car accident, etc), bleeding out can occur in <5 minutes. I carry an EDC in order to keep someone alive long enough for them to get to the ER or for an ambulance to arrive. One of the best things to carry with you everywhere, even if its the only thing you carry, is a tourniquet (SWAT-T and CAT tourniquets are good); I wouldn't consider ANY first aid kit complete without a tourniquet. I also recommend gloves, gauzes (lots of them), and tape (transpore is good). One big thing is, you need to know how to use what's in your kit, otherwise its completely useless.

  38. Brian, you fool! The mouth to mouth thing is actually important! It's a barrier device to stop the rescuer from getting diseases and vomit in their face, and mouth to mouth resuscitation is still important for instances in which someone has been underwater for an indeterminate amount of time.

  39. EDC should really be what you can carry on you almost anywhere. If your keeping it simple it is just what you fit in your pockets, things like a pocketknife, mini flashlight, lighter cellphone, wallet, earphones, keys with bottle opener, a nice pen, fidget item like a big coin or a spinner, multitool, or even a conceal carry if thats your thing. Going big should be what you can fit in your backpack/satchel/laptop bag. Laptop, tablet, charging cables and plugs, portable battery pack, bluetooth speakers, a deck of cards, backup earphones, bigger flashlight, a notepad and spare pens and maybe a small amount of first aid supplies tucked into a pocket.

  40. 1 I love the "Shave and a haircut" before the roman spot
    2 EDC is going to be different for each person, depending on climate, level of preparedness/paranoia, skills, locations they go, etc.etc.etc.

  41. EDC bag:
    Mid size backpack containing the following:
    -Collapsible weapon (G17 in micro conversion kit with extra mags)
    -Hank of paracord
    -Non-perishable snacks
    -Batteries and vape juice (since I quit smoking)
    -Toilet paper
    -Spare car key
    -Couple ink pens/couple Sharpies
    -Trash bag
    -Phone charger
    -20 bucks

  42. MR KIT
    deck of cards
    a single strand of Jason's hair
    A tiny Richard Turner
    Umbrella hat
    A holographic card of the dancing Brian GIF
    Pinto beans
    Potato salad

  43. I'd mostly agree with Brian in that your kit bag should be stuff you use every day, but I'd also say its something you might need at a moment's notice. I often carry a small multitool, hardly use most of what's on it, but the fact it has pliers and a selection of screwdrivers is invaluable to me when I need to make a quick repair to something.

  44. Gentleman: Deck of cards, cash, neccessary electonrics, drm entertainment
    Scoundrel: Med Kit, Lockpicks, utility tool(s), pirated entertainment
    Warrior: Pocket Knife, combat pen, throwing axe, body armor

  45. https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/cpr/performing-cpr/cpr-steps
    step 2

    Deliver rescue breaths. With the person's head tilted back slightly and the chin lifted, pinch the nose shut and place your mouth over the person's mouth to make a complete seal. Blow into the person's mouth to make the chest rise. Deliver two rescue breaths, then continue compressions.

  46. It IS just a small bug out bag that you can keep in your car, office, computer bag etc. It's meant to get you to where your full bug out bag is stored.
    The every day carry bag Brian was expecting is called a purse.

  47. I carry a flashlight every day after someone recommended it – I was shocked at how often I used it. I won't leave home without it now.

  48. I remember getting the budk mags like 10 or so years ago. It was fun looking at but you knew that it was 99.9% worthless tat. These everyday carry kits or survival kits always reminds me of just the barely useful to kinda useful tat from those old mags.

  49. The stuff I'm always happy to have on me besides the obvious (wallet, phone, flashlight), is 
    small scissors (in my case the Leatherman mini), 
    a toothpick, 
    spare change, 
    tissues or toilet paper (not the whole roll, don't worry), 
    wet tissues or antiseptic, 
    in winter a chapstick, in sun a hat, in rain an umbrella, 
    a small (tote)bag, 
    band-aids, clothing pins, a couple tablets of ibuprofen
    and guitar picks

  50. I'd go with the following for EDC. You want the items to be consumable but easy to replace on their own.
    1. Power Bank – something like this so you don't need extra cabling https://amzn.to/31MNuZf
    2. $5-10 cash in one dollar denomination – a gentleman should always be prepared to tip or gesture their approval through cash
    3. Comb
    4. Small microfiber cloth
    5. Sunglasses
    6. Headphones (wireless preferred)
    7. Gum/Mints
    8. Deodorant aka Stank Mask
    9. The lock-proof pen
    10. Covert coin – (always keep you stash close by)
    11. SD card reader – one like this for use anywhere https://amzn.to/2Vfkffa
    12. Aspirin
    Certainly some more options out there but I think this would be a good basic EDC.

  51. The point of an everyday carry bag is not "stuff you need everyday" it's "stuff you carry everyday". The best example from history is the Shinobi no Rokugu (or 6 essential tools of the Ninja) they were all tools so useful a ninja generally refused to be without them in case they needed them. The tools were pretty simple, a hat, a light towel, a firestarter, a clay or chalk pen, some basic medicine/chemicals like bug repellent, and a grappling hook, but they represented a ton of useful utility in the ability to shade your eyes from the sun (or hide among a crowd), wipe away sweat, stay warm, mark safe paths and easily climb. There's even justification for carrying most of these items in the modern day, the hat and light towel are obvious, and while carrying aspirin and bug spray can be annoying, it's arguably more useful than not, same goes for a firestarter, you might not need it often, but having it can save your life. The grappling hook is the only thing that isn't immediately viable in a modern setting but considering the worst case scenarios, I'd rather have it than not.

  52. EDC is also an acronym for Electric Daisy Carnival, which is an EDM festival. So, maybe these are emergency packs to help you survive EDM shows…

  53. 9:02 As an EMT, I have to disagree. The reason why the red cross decided to not teach mouth to mouth resuscitation anymore is to get more people to at least do the compressions. It is not wrong to do ventilations and in fact increase the chance of the persons survival. These masks are super handy, because they do protect you from all kind of infections while giving you an important tool to save a life.

    I hate the way the red cross decided to communicate this :/

  54. I carry a "space blanket" in my photography kit. It can be used for making reflectors and casting shade. Combined with gaff tape and scissors from a Swiss Army knife, it is also handy for fashioning a dress for that time when you were shooting at a waterfall / swimming hole in the woods and some joker ran off with your model's clothing.
    See, what you pack is dependent on what scenarios you are providing for, which is informed by your past experience — every time I wish I had something, I add it to the kit.

  55. I really miss the "MODERN RROOOOGGGGUUUEEEEE" mountain scream at the beginning of your older videos. You should bring it back.

  56. You should check out dark angle medical for first aid stuff. Also you should really get on a survival expert and a first aid guy. You guy are great but somebody with some knowledge would have a different take on this.

  57. Get rid of the q-tips! You can get these things that look and function like q-tips but that have alcohol or iodine in the center – you snap one end off and then the iodine/alcohol flows to the cotton end and you have something to clean cuts with. I actually use them a lot. Search 'alcohol cotton swab' on eBay and you see loads of them.

  58. 6:30 EDC is just anything you carry every day so it's completely dependent on you. If you want to have only what you're going to need and use everydays and that's all you care if you want to be prepared for any number of situations than you carry based on that. Basically you measure someone's paranoia by how many grams of EDC they have.

  59. Guys, EDC is stuff you need to have every day because you don't get to decide when you need them; situations out of your control decide when you need what you need.

  60. The Red Cross only stopped the practice of rescue breaths because they found it was the main reason given by people who are uncomfortable giving CPR to someone in need. The practice itself is still very helpful but was removed to allow CPR to be more accessible.

  61. I always thought EDC was all the stuff I load into my pockets before I leave in the morning and everything I pull out of my pockets when I get home in the evening.

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