What’s the best way to contact mySugr customer support?

– mySugr was founded for one reason. To simplify life for people with diabetes. Our app and care services
work together to provide a powerful health management solution. We are a digital health company
for people with diabetes made by people with diabetes. Welcome to mySugr. And today we are going to be
talking about the best way to contact Customer Support. First we’ll run through
some introductions, we’ll talk about customer
support as a whole, we’ll talk about the different ways to contact Customer Support. Is there a best way to
contact Customer Support? A little bit about what to expect once you’ve reached out
to Customer Support. And then do a quick demo and
then go through some Q & A. So speaking of Q & A, while we’re going through this stuff, feel free to use the
Q & A tool down below. No other attendees will be
able to see your question, so don’t be shy, don’t hold back. And you can even mark your
submissions as anonymous if you don’t want Sarah or I to see what you’re name is when
you’re sending them in. So without further ado, Sarah. – Hi, I’m Sarah Knotts and I am Head of Customer
Support for the US. – And you live with diabetes? – I do. I have had type 1
diabetes for the last 30 years. – Okay. And my name is Scott Johnson. I’m a Patient Success
Manager here at mySugr US and I also live with diabetes. A little bit about Customer
Support in general, right? So you are here to help
keep people like me who need help keeping everything straight, happy, and satisfied. Tell us a little bit
about what kind of things you normally help with and
maybe what you can’t help with. – Yeah, so what we do is we help people maybe get started with the app. Maybe they just downloaded it, then they just don’t
even know where to go. Sometimes it’s that they’ve
been given the meter from their doctor’s
office and they’re like, “Okay, well my doctor told me this works “with this app so what do I do?” We help people, you know,
get the meter paired, we help people get in touch with Accu-Chek if they need to because that is the meter
that pairs with our app. Basically anything that’s technical with the app we can help with. The only thing that we can’t
help with, and of course, me being someone who’s lived with diabetes as long as I have, I really want to help, but is when we get the questions around, “My blood sugar is
this, is this too high,” or, “What does it need to be
when I get up in the morning?” “How many carbs can I eat?” “What can I eat?” There’s so many different
questions around that aspect of living with diabetes
that we can’t answer because they are
considered medical advice, and we are not professional
medical trained people. – Sure, yeah. That being said that one of the products that we offer is called the mySugr Bundle. And coaching is a service
available through that. So that is a subscription
service that’s available. It’s also offered by some
employers and health plans. So through that service,
the coaches available are certified diabetes educators and they are able to answer
some of those types of questions so that may be something
to look into as well. So, all right That helps kind of answer that question. Can you talk a little bit
about what are some of the ways that people can reach
out to customer support? – Sure. So we have multiple
ways that we get questions to us So one way is we have a contact form, this with the FAQ section. They can also email us
directly [email protected] They also they can chat with us, they can send us a message on social media and our social media team
can forward that onto us. And they can also message
us from within the app. – Within the app, great. And we’re gonna spend a little more time on that within the app. With all those different channels, is there a best way and
why is that the best way? – Yeah, so in my opinion, the best way, and I say my opinion,
it’s our favorite way, is when the user writes
to us from within the app. And the reason being is
because when you’re in the app, your logged into your account and when you write to us it pulls in some of the information from the backend – things like what type of phone you have, what operating
system is running on it, what version of the app, just all sorts of information
about your phone device and your account with us, so that way we’re not having to ask some of the initial questions. It kinda gives us everything to let us hit the ground running and hopefully answer your questions within the least amount of
– Yeah, it sounds like it could cut out a few of
those back and forth emails that cover some of those questions, right? So, if you have an iPhone or
an Android, what model is it? What version of operating
system and have you downloaded the latest version of the mySugr app and all those kind of back and forths that might add significant time to how long it takes to help
solve the actual problem. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. What can someone expect once they’ve actually sent a request in? Like, what happens next? – Yeah, so when they send a request to us, then it automatically gets
put into our ticketing system. And then we send a message
back letting you know that we have put that, it’s
in the queue for us to work. And then you’ll also get
a ticket number assigned so if for some reason you
don’t get that email back, then we may not have
received your request. So especially if you
don’t get that email back within I would say even five minutes, ten minutes, then definitely
send us another message again. – Gotcha, okay
– ‘Cause we may not have gotten your initial one. – Yeah, so right away,
pretty much right away, within a few minutes after
sending a message in, especially through the
app or through the email [email protected], I should
get an acknowledgement back that has kind of a case number or a ticket number assigned to it. Okay, that’s helpful
– Yep – What do you say we do a quick demo of how to use the app to reach out. – Sure
– So let me jump over to the app here
– Yep – I wanna load it up here. So it just take a second, there we go. So right through this menu
screen on the bottom here, I’m gonna jump in and you’ve got a Support & Feedback menu. Now this looks a little bit
different on Android devices, right?
– Correct – So I’ve got an iPhone
or an IOS device here. And I get to that through the
menu button on the bottom, but that’s in a slightly different
place on Androids, right? – Right, Android still
has the older side menu to where you click the
three lines up in the upper left-hand corner and then you would find the Support & Feedback button. – Okay, so once I’ve found this Support & Feedback, I tap on that. This is gonna bring me to that
frequently asked questions or FAQ section that you talked about right? So,
– Right – Within here, there’s a
bunch of different information that I might be able to find the answer that I’m looking for in here. So it’s a great first place to look for. – And you can also search
up at the top as well. – Ah ha, yeah, that’s
a great tip, awesome. Woops, I went a little too far. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the button at the bottom is
how you would send a message into the support team. And I’m gonna just type right in here. “Help me. I’m confused again.” Done. Send. And off it goes and now Sarah and her
team have another ticket to add to the list and I have another email
to add to my inbox. And it’s as easy as that, right? – Yep – Wonderful – Great, that didn’t seem too hard at all. With that, let’s maybe
take a few questions. We’ve had a few come in. So the first one, I like this one. “The sounds of the app
startle me sometimes. “Is there anything I can do about that?” – Yeah, sure. And actually if you want to, we can walk through it.
– Yeah, let’s do that And I’m gonna just jump
back here and here. All right, so we’re back, we’re still at the main
menu which is like assuming that’s kind of where we need to go, right? – Yep, yep
– So we go Profile and Settings
– That’s right. Other Settings
– Other Settings and right there
– And then if it’s turned on, that little button will be green, and then you just tap it
and it will turn white and let you know that it’s off. – All right, so there it’s off. It’s on, it’s off
– Yep – Great
– Yep, and it doesn’t turn the monster himself off, like
on that main logbook screen. He’ll still do his animations
and, you know, make a little, you know, acknowledgement
that you’ve added an entry, but it won’t make those little
– the noises – Yeah
– Gotcha – Great, all right. The next question, “I need
to change my email address. “What do I need to do?” – Okay. So with, we used to have it in the app where users could change their email address. However when we were
becoming GDPR compliant, we needed to take that out
because we didn’t have a way to verify that that was actually you who needed to change that email address. So the current process right
now is that you would write us an email, preferably from
within the app if possible, letting us know you
need to change the email and what it needs to be changed to. And then we’ll go through
some process with you to verify the new email address and then we can get it changed
for you on the backend. – Got it, okay, sounds good.
All right, the next one. “I’ve got an Accu-Chek Guide
Meter and have paired it, “expecting to get upgraded to Pro, “but that hasn’t happened yet. “What might be going on?” Any thoughts on this? – Okay, so this happens a
lot of times when someone maybe has been using the app for a while or maybe they were given, you know, the meter and told by their physician to download the app and everything. So they’ve, you know,
they’re starting fresh. And then they paired the
meter and they’re like, “Well, what happened? I’m
still Basic in the app?” – And this is also like
even a step before that, we should mention that
anytime you connected and do the necessary steps which Sarah is gonna talk about in a second, you’ll get an automatic
upgrade to mySugr Pro, which is a pretty cool thing. – Yeah, so they pair and then it’s like, “I didn’t get Pro, what happened?” And what happens is it
hasn’t had that last, you know, piece of information. And what that is is we need
for you to actually perform a blood glucose test and
have it import into the app. And that let’s us know
that everything is working as far as both the
pairing and the importing, all the little puzzle pieces fit and then
– So it’s more than just the pairing, it’s more
than just that kind of Bluetooth connection, it’s an actual
importing of the measurement. Okay
– Yeah, exactly. And then of course, like you said, Pro unlocks a bunch of different features like additional tags
– And PDF reports, photo ability to do photos with
the meals, stuff like that. – Yep
– Awesome, yeah that’s great. All right, let’s take another couple more. This one says, “When I write
Support through the app, “where does the reply
from Support come from? “Does it come back
through the app or where?” – That’s a good one. So what happens when you
write from within the app, that’s basically just a vehicle
to get the message to us and get the information that we need. When we reply to you, it’s
actually gonna go back to your email account
– Okay – So it will still have
the same, you know, case number, ticket number. Also one thing to look
for is to keep an eye on your spam folder too
– Yeah, good point – ‘Cause sometimes when we write back, no matter how you sent the
initial message, it can still our replies will go to your spam folder. But all the communication
will go into your email. – Got it, great, that’s good to know. All right, let’s take
one more. This one says, “My meter isn’t listed
in the connections menu. “Is there any way I can connect it?” And so this one, I’m
assuming that they may have maybe a different brand or type of meter than ones that we are partnered
or have agreements with, which can vary based on country or region that you’re
in, that type of thing. So, for example, here in the United States we are connected with the
line of Accu-Chek meters so the Accu-Chek Guide, Guide Me, Accu-Chek I think you have a Connect – Mmhm
– For example those are a few, but we don’t have agreements
with the other brands of meters and those are not available. We’re always working on expanding
the choices that you have. We believe that choice is important, but at this point if it’s not available in your Connections menu, then it’s not available as a connection. – Right, yeah. But, along
that same line though, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the app. – True
– We have had some people that, because their meter didn’t connect, then they didn’t think
they could use it at all, but that’s not the case. You can still use the
app just using, you know, doing the plus sign at the
top to start a new record and just type in the blood glucose. – Manual entries, and that
still adds a lot of value. Absolutely, that’s a great point. All right, well for those
of you who sent in questions that we couldn’t answer, we’ll
be sure to circle back to you and get you some information,
answer your questions. In the meantime, thank you, Sarah, – You’re welcome
– For lending us some time and some information and helping us kind of unwrap what the Support picture looks like a little bit. Thank you for spending some time with us and sending in questions if you did. Much much appreciated. And we’ll see you next time. Bye
– Bye

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