45 thoughts on “Wild Dolphin Knew Exactly How To Ask People For Help | The Dodo”

  1. See, the Dolphin is came to get help to pretend that its not that intelligent to get it off of itself. Clever dolphins

  2. See this is what people are actually for. Not grinding each other while sipping overpriced fermented grapes and throwing each other in camps for looking different, but keeping the planet safe and helping all the animals in it. This should be our goal, safe animals and thriving ecosystems, not building walls or earning gold trophies.

  3. One clear sign of intelligence is the ability to recognize it in others. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, this dolphin recognizes humans as altruistic beings. It's the simple actions and behavior in videos like this that speak loudest on non human intelligence.

  4. It was because of us that he got hooked in the first place. So the dolphin was like: the other you did, you, fix, this!

  5. Aaaand we literally kill thousands of these creatures with the Sonar on our submarines all the time and no-one bats an eye. 23k likes on this video, you like dolphins, start complaining to the military already because if they got 23K people shouting about it maybe they'd stop being so destructive to the natural world. It's a nice thought at least..

  6. Thank you for being kind to the animals. For the rest of the humans, stop fishing. There's no need to, it's killing other sea life, and there won't be much more fish eventually.

  7. While it is sad I do not blame whoever was fishing for the accident. While Commercial Fishing usually ties things up, non – Commercial Fishing is usually to catch fish so they cannot know what they got unless it comes to the ship or pier etc wherever they are fishing from. Still a great video to know that people do care about the ocean's wonderful wildlife and thank you to the diver.

  8. Amazing, I don't know what else to say. I wish the video mentioned who the diver was. People need to know who he is.

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